Day on the slope - how to tan without burning

"You’ve been skiing, haven’t you?". When we hear this question, not after showing our photos from good holidays to friends, but when those friends just look at us, it could mean that we’ve committed a fundamental mistake.

In the era of a growing number of metrosexual, or extremely metrosexual men, we still lack in so called alpha males, who believe that their cosmetics can loosely be limited to soft soap and sponge. Fortunately, there’re are also men, who simply know that a good cream or a sun-tan oil with appropriate filter, should have its place in their cosmetic bag.

We're going skiing!

Of course, not only men organize ski weekends or ski holidays. However, female skiers usually carry the entire set of cosmetics, so tips given below are an obvious thing for them.

If we’re going to ski, and don’t want to resemble a panda bear after returning, it’s worth to equip in cosmetics with high filter. Many companies wanted to meet the expectations of customers, so they prepared special offers for people, who plan ski holidays. Just go to the the first drugstore to see, how rich is the offer of products for winter vacationers.

In this regard, negligence in the mildest cases ends up with red cheeks and a pale forehead, peeling skin, as well as solid sunburns. If we spend more time on the slopes, exposing unprotected skin to intense sun can result in serious consequences such as sunstroke. There’s no need to talk about other problems, including melanoma, about which we hear repeatedly in the media every spring.

How to take care of your skin during winter holidays?

In fact, you don’t need too much to properly prepare for a ski trip. We remember about decent clothes, good quality shoes, our mind is also occupied by ski or snowboard. Many people don’t think about cosmetics, and it’s a serious mistake. We have to pack a decent sunscreen and protective lipstick, thanks to which we won’t have to see how bad it feels to have chapped lips, or so called “cold sore”. If neglected, it looks unsightly, attracting the eyes of people who we’re talking with to our lips, but may increase as well or leave permanent scars.

You should also remember about a good quality hand cream. It happen quite often that we need to remove the gloves on the slopes - just a moment of inattention and our skin becomes dry and stinging. It can also crack between fingers, which cause a lot of pain.

Those things may seem little, but they are very important, and you should remember about them when planning winter holidays. You don’t need too much to spend it nice and bring only pleasant memories.


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