Does it pay off to buy a damaged motorhome at an attractive price?

Does it pay off to buy a damaged motorhome at an attractive price?

When thinking of buying a motorhome, many of us begin the search for it on the second hand market, not only in Poland. Brand new designs require spending a lot of money on the beginning. In case of used vehicles, we also have a huge selection, and with a little luck and perseverance we’ll find a motorhome for our budget. Unfortunately - also in this group prices appear to be quite high. It would seem that with little funds we’re only able to purchase very old vehicles.

Nothing could be further from the truth - after all, even the market of motorhomes is full of bargains. The problem appears when the vehicle with defects has an attractive price - each of them is in some way damaged or visibly worn. Exactly because of such defects we can buy a relatively young vehicle pretty cheap. The only question is – is it really worth risking the purchase, when you have to repair the vehicle on your own?

Visual damage

When searching the auction sites to find the bargains, we’ll come across post-accident vehicles. At the very beginning we should eliminate motorhomes that had undergone some serious accidents, because the key components of the chassis and whole structure could get severely damaged. In this case the repair will require a huge amount of specialist’s work, and thus a very high bill.

By far, the safest choice are motorhomes after small bumps: dented metal sheet, broken lamps and broken body panels. Paradoxically, the least complicated and time-consuming repairs will concern the metal sheet components. Elements of the driver’s cab can be easily bought on secondary market. What's more – the whole repair can be done by a simple car tinsmith.

The repair of residential part will require a little more work and commitment. Before buying you should ask some specialist for advice, who will accurately determine the expected costs of reconstruction. Also the visual inspection of the motorhome should be done by a specialist, because we may not notice some significant details that will increase the cost of the whole operation.

Mechanical defects

On auction sites we’ll also find motorhomes with seemingly very serious damage and mechanical failures. It would seem that in the case of such defects the costs of renovation are likely to exceed the value of the vehicle. In fact, the situation looks slightly different. If the purchase price will be sufficiently small, we can safely buy the motorhome, even with a damaged engine or gearbox. While the resuscitation or overhaul will cost several hundreds of Euro, the exchange will turn out much cheaper. Used diesel engine taken from the popular delivery car we’ll buy without problems for about 340 - 890 EUR (depending on the course and model), whereas the exchange will costs less than 225 EUR. In this case, it’s not worth to pay attention to the degree or type of the engine’s failure, let's focus on the rest of the general state of mechanics, structure and finishing.

At first glance, buying a damaged motorhome seems to be a bad idea, which is connected to neverending expenses and repairs. Of course, buying a vehicle that had undergone a serious accident doesn’t make any sense. However, a motorhome after a minor crash with a damaged engine may be a very attractive bargain.