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Electric accessories worth to have in a motorhome

Preparing accordingly and planning is the obvious case for all caravanning amateurs. A wide market variety doesn’t help in deciding on the necessary accessories. When completing the equipment before beginning the journey, we should seriously think about buying a few electrical additions that will solve some of our previous problems and all the related costs.

A car camera

In the time of holiday trips we meet on our paths all kinds of drivers and at times, dangerous situations caused by them. Unfortunately as a result of the recklessness of other traffic participants we might take part in an accident. In such times, a registering camera, installed in the cabin of our vehicle can be salutary. Of course, usage of such cameras in some countries of the EU is strictly prohibited, under the threat of high fines. Even so, if the law allows it, it is beneficial to provide oneself with such a device. A recording, saved on a hard drive (more often than nor in HD quality) repeatedly helps to determine the offender in a given accident.

A power supply

Another electrical accessory that’s worth to be bought is very useful in the case of repeated problems with engine ignition in our vehicle. A discharged battery- the nightmare of every driver, has the power to effectively nullify more than just holiday plans. Then, it seems that we can only start our car by jumper cables and another car, from which we can “borrow” electricity.

If you think so, you couldn’t be more wrong. On the market we can find many auto starts, such as Jump&Go by Whistler, that are able to ignite every drive unit. A small device with a built-in battery needs to be properly connected to the clamps of the car battery, in order to turn on the drive unit. Furthermore- these kind of accessories can be successfully used as a portable energy source for cell phones, laptops and others.

An anti-radar with the SOS function

Almost every driver, without an exception apart from looking out for dangers on the road, does the same for police and other services licensed to issue fines. The human eye doesn’t always see in time, the officer with a measuring device standing right after the more or less reasonable speed limit. Most drivers tend to go over the limits, even if only slightly. This puts them at risk of an informative conversation with the police, city police or their abroad equivalents.

If the laws in force in the given country don’t ban the usage of the systems warning of the mentioned services, we can allow ourselves to buy an anti-radar of a checked producer. Depending on generation, such systems can inform the driver on the working measuring devices on his path- using the radio waves or laser rays.  An additional asset of some of the anti-radars is the SOS function. Thanks to the built-in SIM, that downloads the real positions of the active stationary radars, these devices in case of an accident send the emergency devices information of the event- together with its accurate localization.

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