Kid painting

Entertainment for kids during camping vacation

At the campsite kids can draw, play in dozen of games, or do "adult" stuff like preparing dinners. Those a little bit older, however, can be engaged in more advanced activities. On American portals we can find plenty of creative ideas, which stimulate our imagination and encourage all family to join the play.

Like an example, we can take preparing totems and different kinds of materials of paper plates. Together we can create portraits of ourselves, sticking the acorn eyes to the plates and making hair from pasta or little branches. We can then place our totems on sticks at the front of the camp – our kids won’t have any problems with finding their way to the tent or camper.

Saw at our American friends

An interesting idea would be creating a unique t-shirt. It can be a really good fun on a fresh air, when all family is resting after dinner or before setting off for the next trip. There’re infinitely many concepts for patterns, starting from handprints, ending on more advanced motives. Our kids need only a cardboard, glass of flour, glass of water, a bottle from which they will wring the mass out, (a bottle after an energy drink will be useful) paint spray for clothes and, of course, a light t-shirt.

We need to put the cardboard inside the t-shirt, so the paint won’t soil the fabric on the back. Then we prepare the pattern from water and flour – it should have the consistency of a thick sauce. We squeeze the mass out on the t-shirt, forming our pattern, and leave it on the sun for few hours until it’s hard. Then we cover it with paint and wait for it to dry. Finally, we remove the mass and our motive appears. The t-shirt is ready, and our kid can wear it proudly during the trips.

Natural jewelry

After the day full of hikes on mountain paths and paddling in streams, we’ll probably notice some stones of different colors and shapes in our camper. Kids like to look for that kind of treasures, and we can encourage them to make, for example, necklaces from it. All we need is a thong and a wire. We wrap the wire around the stone (wrapping itself can be pretty creative), and then we form a loop. A pencil would be helpful here.

We can make jewelry from almost everything, including shoes! Ordinary flip-flops can turn into a nice trinket if we stick little shells or few colored stones on them. We can also use ribbons, stranded cottons, modeling clay or just an ordinary string.

A little bit of fantasy can provide a lot of fun during stay on the campsite. It’ll bring not only a lot of good memories but also original, hand made souvenirs. Kids will surely look forward to the next trip.