Gas or charcoal? Which barbeque is right for me?

What barbecue is best, gas, charcoal or maybe electric? What kind of barbecue to buy, how much to spend on it and what to expect? Making the right decision isn’t that easy – the purchase should be well considered.

What you need to know before you buy a barbecue? The price, fuel type, time of grilling or maybe the aroma and taste of the food you prepare on it? It may be surprising, but these questions aren’t easy at all.

How often do you barbecue?

When deciding on a barbecue, we should consider several important things. If one of the most important factors is the price, we have to answer the question, whether we plan to barbecue often or just occasionally. At first glance, charcoal barbecues are cheaper than gas, however after a thorough deliberation it may turn out differently. The first option (frequent and intense barbecuing), with a charcoal barbecue, will quickly cease to be so profitable, because coal is more expensive than gas fuel and if we use more, we also have to spend more. In this case, the acquisition of a gas barbecue will be more preferable and more economical. If, however, we intend to barbecue only from time to time, the charcoal one should be enough for us.

Another significant thing is the way in which we intend to prepare our meals and how we will use the equipment. If barbecuing is a ritual for us, which brings us a lot of pleasure and we spend a lot of time when we want to prepare our meal, a good choice would be a charcoal barbecue. It grills food very slowly and evenly, unlike the gas barbecues, on which the food is subjected to a high temperature almost immediately.

Convenience or traditionalism?

Here, by the way, we can raise another issue - the convenience. Turning on the gas barbecue is a matter of seconds, while lighting up the charcoal can take a lot of time, especially if you’re not a specialist at it. We need a special firelighters or combustible liquids, and here, after turning the knob we have a gas barbecue ready to work.

We still have one thing that may be the most important for many people - the taste and smell of grilled dishes. Charcoal-barbecue adherents are of the opinion that you can only prepare really tasty and deliciously flavorful dishes in that way, and a gas version can’t hold a candle to it. Food soaked in smoke is much better than the food prepared on the gas barbecue, even if you use wood chips. The smell and taste is a matter of great concern, but it’s rather an individual thing, and everyone can choose, what suits them more.

Appropriate place for the barbecue

The issue of where to set our barbecue affects the decision of purchasing a suitable model. Charcoal barbecues require an open space, while gas models (especially small) can fit in a balcony or terrace. Not to mention the electric barbecues, where you can cook mouth-watering dishes even inside the apartment.

As you can see, this type of purchase isn’t as easy as it might seem. On the other hand, everyone can choose the model most suitable to their needs and expectations. And the last thing you have to do is to enjoy the barbecue.