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Today, a woman can daringly wander the world alone, getting to know new places and people. But is it safe? Is it a courage, or rather recklessness? Or maybe a new style of women's tourism?

In recent years, the idea of travelling alone has significantly increased among women. Men have been wandering the world alone for a long time, crossing the borders of another countries. Female representatives have been joining them quite shyly, nonetheless they gradually become aware that nothing is impossible.

For those, who’re watching the news with anxiety it may seem unthinkable that a woman can go alone on a journey into the unknown. For the skeptic, the mildest term for this would be recklessness and lack of imagination. However, as it can be read on many international forums on tourism, women conquer the world, collecting new experiences and getting to know a whole lot of places and people.

Alone at the campsite

According to exploring enthusiasts, travelling is addictive. They just countdown the time left to another journey. They also claim that there’re only few differences between lonely trips of men and women. First of all, a tourist must feel safe. Of course, this principle also applies to men. Not everyone fights like Statham or has a frame like "The Rock" to feel fully comfortable in any situation. Even when he’s surrounded by a bunch of tipsy locals, holding "tulips" in hands.

Statistically, women inspire greater trust and it’s easier for them to strike up acquaintances. Drivers stop more often to pick up a female hitchhiker, a mixed couple or two women. Statistically (we really emphasize that word) two men would wait much longer to get a lift.

A woman, who travels alone, can get acquainted with the locals while staying at a campsite. Forums users agree that you can be really surprised by the kindness of people and the amount of valuable advices and guidance gained from them. It’s pretty similar to the relations with your campsite neighbors. You can establish new, fantastic friendships, spend a nice evening together, or go for a trip, if your plans to explore the area cover at least a bit. Everything depends on the openness and willingness of both parties. On the other hand, the traveler also write about how to avoid contacts, if you just don’t feel like it. The simplest of quoted examples is reading a book in a café.

What to do if you don’t feel safe?

Of course, as in everyday life, there’re also situations, when you come across someone unpleasant or potentially dangerous. What to do? How to act? According to female travelers, if someone is pushy towards us and ask a lot of questions, let's just lie. We shouldn’t reveal our plans, we don’t say that we travel alone – on the contrary. It’s best to say that our boyfriend/husband/brother will join us in the evening.

If this famous women’s intuition tells us that the man is dangerous, let’s tell about this our new friends. We can even point the finger at him, to let him know that he’s drawn theirs attention. If we feel threatened, we shouldn’t hesitate to call the police.

A lonely journey isn’t for every woman - that's for sure. This form of exploring the world is suitable only for confident persons, because it requires a huge dose of courage, and besides, an excellent organization and creativity. Those, who fall in love in this style of travelling, won’t give it up soon.



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