Heating mat

Heating mats for motorhome or caravan use

Caravanning expedition in colder weather, especially in winter, requires us to prepare better for the trip. Especially if we travel with a bit older motorhome or caravan, which is poorly insulated. In this case, apart from checking the tightness of windows and doors, a good option is to equip our vehicle in a heating mat.

The most common use

The heating mats major advantage is that it can be used in a variety of ways. If we’re traveling with motorhome, a good way to evenly distribute the heat is insulating the cab from the other parts of the vehicle in which we live during the trip with a mat. Another use of the heating mat is the possibility of heating the tank with water, eg. in the shower. The heating capacity of this kind of mat is high enough to be able to protect water against freezing even at -40°C. A built-in thermostat automatically turns on and off the device - depending on air temperature.

Better comfort of travelling

On the market there are also heating mats suitable for installation on the driver or passenger seat. Usually, they’re made of carbon fibers and act rather quickly (within a few minutes the seat is heated), which significantly increases the comfort of our travel. Installation of such mats is very simple and doesn’t affect the distortion of the seat. The only thing we have to do is to put the mat between the seat and the cover. Besides, the passenger or the driver can usually enjoy two levels of heating.

Floor mat and installation notes

Another type of mats that complement the natural sources of heat are the floor mats. Of course, they fulfill their function the best in a caravan. Manufacturers of heating mats offer a wide range of products adapted to each type of floor. The installation of floor heating mat, however, involves the necessity of hiring an electrician for its installation. We must take special care when plugging the mat and optimally determine its heat power. Experts also advise to buy a special protective tube of floor sensor, which, in case of emergency, allows for the quick exchange of the sensor.

Of course, the most important question is to examine the possibilities of our motorhome or caravan. It’s important to examine the proper functioning of the electrical system in our vehicle before the installation of heating mats, and to pay attention to the power of the heating mats as well as the energy consumption of mat and the possibilities of our motorhome. The cost of the heating mat, depending on the type and technological advancement, ranges from 25-250 EUR.

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