Holidays without your pet

The topic of this article very up-to-date, and comes back like a boomerang each year during holidays or long weekends. Writing about it is pretty difficult, because topics discussed in the article should interested mostly those, who are not interested in them at all.

When we talk about the organization of holiday trips, owners of dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other pets are divided into those, who know all about it and those, who don’t know anything - and it doesn’t bother them. The second, when planning a vacation, deal with what is most important to them, that is, where to go, how much they will spend and how good they will spend their time. Organization of care for the pet left at home isn’t as important as it should be. As a result, each year during the holiday season we hear about another abandoned animals. While the problem can be solved so easily...

Cat home alone

It is widely accepted that as long as the dog needs more attention, the cat is actually self-sufficient. He’s attached to places, not people and he doesn’t pay attention to the family members. Well, unless he wants something. You don’t have to be an experienced breeder or even a cat lover to know that this is a complete nonsense.

Cat – just like a man - has its own character. He may be a typical couch potato and a lazy guy, he may not like too much of cuddling or holding, but it certainly is a huge difference to him whether there is someone in the apartment, or if he’s left alone for a week. Full bowls with food and water, plus a clean litter box isn’t everything. It’s worth bearing in mind that cat doesn’t consist only of a fur-covered, quadruped and selfish heart.

Care for the pet - friends or a hotel?

Both the cat, the dog, as well as any other animal that we have, should have the smallest amout of stress during our absence. We should prepare to holidays much earlier, so we could still have a lot of time to find people, who would care about our pet. This can be a trusted friend, who will have the keys to the apartment to visit our pet "on his territory", who will feed him and who will clean the litter box (or take out for a walk). You can also ask your friend about taking care of a pet at his home. Then you obligatorily should provide him with adequate supply of food, bowls and other accessories, eg. litter box, leash and muzzle.

Care that lasts a week or longer requires sacrifices. Not everyone has time to do that, has the possibility, and, let's be honest, who likes it. What to do, when we don’t have a friend, who would take care of our pet? We can use the service of animals’ hotel - for some it may be a whim and unnecessary expense, for others it’s the last chance to combine holidays and peace of mind, when you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet. For a one night stay you have to pay from 20 PLN, but prices depend on the conditions. The owners of such facilities offer care and meals, treatments, cat litter (bedding), swimming in the lounge and a constant veterinary supervision.

It would be best to choose a recommended hotel, but if we don’t have such a possibility, let’s check whether the object is large or intimate. In the second option, each pet will be cared for, in the first there is a risk that our pet will undergo a lot of stress. But of course, it’s not the rule.


2014.09.09 13:58
My dog is always with me. Animal's hotel? No way!
2014.09.05 09:06
it's good that I don't have this kind of a problem because I always travel with my dog who loves motorhome vacations