Motorhome + Trailer

How do deal with a unit of motorhome + caravan?

A few months before the start of the season many caravanners face a dilemma: to buy a powerful motorhome like Knaus Sky and Plus (investing more than 60-70 thousand euros) which will meet our requirements (more beds), or maybe opt for a different solution. Every year more and more people decide on a smaller motorhome, which most often tows a uniaxial caravan.

When choosing a small motorhome - Knaus Sky Wave - and a base caravan Knaus Sport (as a set) we’ll save not only a large part of the budget. We’ll also gain a lot more living space and a large number of possible configurations of our holiday "camp". The motorhome of this size will cope with towing a caravan without bigger problems, as well as with taking aboard the whole crew along with the equipment. What's more – if we won’t need more beds, we can go only with motorhome or caravan.

An important choice

When choosing a motorhome and caravan we must remember about a few important issues, thanks to which we won’t spend too much money, and we’ll be able to facilitate driving this set of vehicles. The first criterion, in addition to the price, are the dimensions and curb weight. Driving license category B would be enough for a motorhome with gross weight below 3.5t, but when we add to this a caravan weighing 750 kg it will require a driving license category B96 or E - more on this topic is here: Also, another important issue is the weight of the caravan, because the higher it is, the bigger burden for the engine - every hill will be strongly felt. Before the final decision, we should also check the length of our set – if it’s too big it will be difficult to drive around cities, country sides or even on gas stations. It’s no worth to become prejudiced against the interior of seemingly small motorhome and caravan - together they will provide enough space.

It would be good if we approach the topic of equipping our mobile homes reasonably. We can save a considerable amount of money if we resign of many additional accessories inside the caravan – we won’t use two kitchenettes or media sets at the same time on the campsite. Without them, the caravan Knaus Sport will be cheaper and lighter.

We're going on a camping

Before embarking on any trip, we must check the condition of the engine, tires and braking systems. During the ride, we must be aware of the side surface of caravan and motorhome - we are exposed to strong gusts of crosswind, which in extreme cases can even cause a caravan to spinout. When driving such set of vehicles we have to handle the clutch pedal very sensitively when starting, otherwise it will use up very quickly, sometimes even causing a wheel spin. Another important issue is the ability to slow down skilfully. The habitual use of the brake pedal in the mountainous area will end up with boiling, overheating brakes. Therefore, regardless of the type of the engine and gearbox, it’s just worth to brake with engine. Resistance of the pistons largely relieve the braking system.

Driving a motorhome towing a caravan is clearly different from driving only a motorhome, as well as passenger car with a caravan. Curb weight, the side surface and the length of the set are a big challenge for the driver.

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