How NOT to save money during holidays

Sparingly, but reasonably. On vacation we can squander our money or save on everything. We can also approach the issue of economics reasonably, and secure the way to a successful vacation.

The title sounds perversely - not without reason. Few times we’ve certainly stumbled on opposites advices in the Internet, telling us how to organize an economical trip, how to spend as little as possible, and at the same time have a pleasant holidays and come back with thousands of memories. Of course, these are very reasonable tips, which enable to spend our holidays interesting, but without having to repay the loan later. Nonetheless, some people, wanting to save as much as possible fall in the extreme, and resign from everything, changing the holidays into a total nightmare for the family and themselves. The thing is to find the famous golden mean, so desired, and often so difficult to achieve.

New flavors, or exploring the local cuisine

A good idea while staying in the campsite is self-catering. Thanks to that we eat tasty, nourishing and inexpensive food, without spending a fortune on meals in restaurants. But there’s another side of the coin - the local cuisine, which is quite necessary to get to know. Be in Italy and not eat real pasta, pizza and tiramisu, go to Spain and not try gazpacho or paella, wander to Norway and not try salmon?

You can, of course, spend quite a pleasant holiday, feeding on Chinese soups and sandwiches with pate brought from Poland. You can also limit yourself to these nutritious meals cooked in the motorhome kitchen. However, exploring the world only through the eyes, when we have a chance to "try" it also with taste buds, smell and touch, is a bit sad. Then we can regret that we didn’t use the opportunity to get acquainted with new flavors.

Visiting the monuments and exploring attractions

Spending money on local delicacies is also related to the issue of spending money on other things, including tickets to major attractions. How it’s emphasized by some traveler, you can wander barefoot through the world. We can walk everywhere on foot, not by any means of public transport. We may also resign from the guides and venture into the corners for the average tourist. However, conscious resignation of a visit to the most famous local attraction (the most famous museum in the country, the oldest cathedral or amusement park) It’s just a mere waste of opportunity. This can be compared to standing behind the fence of Plitvice Lakes - we know that behind it lies the world of small and large lakes, endless greenery and beauty, but we only see the thicket of bushes.

Tickets for such famous attractions are often expensive, but when planning the trips we are also planning a budget. Setting priorities, we choose the things on which we can save, as well as those that should be put on the list of "must haves". Just to be able to say that we managed to get to know the place, and not only was there.



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