Pajak Sport Sleeping Bag

How to buy a good sleeping bag?

The question sounds trivial? It seems that no one should have any problems with such purchase. But in reality, buying a decent sleeping bag isn’t that easy – the whole thing isn’t about going to the store and choosing the most expensive model.

Just like with the purchase of tent and any other things we need on the campsite, the decision of choosing a sleeping bag should be carefully considered. If we want to save money and buy a simple, cheap product, sooner or later we’ll wake up freezing and broken.

Who had this dubious pleasure to experience such night, will know what we’re talking about. The sleeping bag does not necessarily have to be thick, but should be a made of a decent material. This rule doesn’t apply to lovers of mountain climbing and spending the night in harsh conditions – those tourists should buy a rather thick sleeping bag filled with natural down. And of course more expensive.

It’s not that simple

If you want to buy a sleeping bag, you should consider the season in which you plan to use it, as well as your own physical condition. If it’s too large, it won’t fulfill its function, thus children should have

sleeping bags fitted to their height. You have to take into account the cold tolerance of your organism. According to the researches, women tolerance is lower, especially when it comes to their feet. Therefore, special women's models are focused more on warming the lower parts.

A rectangular, “quilt” type sleeping bag (can be unzipped and unfolded) definitely won’t be good for a spring time outing – it’s more suitable for insulated places, treated as a light quilt. The model "mummy" insulates us better, especially in case of more expensive models, fitted with additional collars with cuffs and strips protecting the zip.

Choosing the sleeping bag, we should pay attention to the type of insulation – down or synthetic. The first is more expensive and heavier, but perfectly protects against cold. The second is cheaper, usually lighter and quicker to dry. On the other hand, it sometimes has a tendency to droop, which results in worsening of insulation. In turn, down insulation isn’t good for people, who have allergies. As you can see, choosing an appropriate sleeping bag isn’t as easy as it might seem.