How to choose sunglasses?

What’s really important when you want to buy sunglasses? Wearing models of low quality may lead to corneal opacity and conjunctivitis. Besides, in the future we can get cataracts.

One of the things that are crucial during holidays are sunglasses. You can buy them literally everywhere – in professional optical shops, in kiosks as well as on petrol stations. There’re different models, colors, lenses, and of course prices. And the price should be the first clue about the quality of the product. Especially when it’s very low - cheap sunglasses usually don’t have filters to protect the eye from UV radiation, and thus they can be harmful for us. In turn, the designer sunglasses can be unimaginably expensive, just because the model has been designed by a famous person.

How to buy good glasses?

When buying sunglasses, you can choose a model with glass lenses. Their main advantage is resistance to scratches, while the disadvantage - the ease of breaking up and weight. Plastic is two times lighter, plus the latest models of this type of lens are scratch-resistant thanks to surface hardeners. People, who do a lot of sports, should consider more expensive but much more resistant polycarbonate lenses.

Proper frames are equally relevant. We have a selection of lightweight plastic, slightly heavier metal and polycarbonate, resistant to mechanical damage. The first can have an ergonomic shape, but in turn they can break easily. The second can be replaced, but unfortunately they’re heavy. The third have only one minus - high price.

Lens filters – the categorization

There are 4 categories of filters used in glasses, which should be taken into account. Category 1 means that they allow in approx. 40% of the sunlight, in turn category 4 - 8%. During the high-altitude hiking, seaside holidays or sports, such as sailing or skiing, very useful would be the filter of category 4, while in low and variable light conditions, or during bad weather, we should look for the model with filter of 1, 2 or 3 category.

For drivers, the best choice would be glasses with filter of 2 and 3 category - absolutely not 4. Drivers and athletes should be satisfied with the glasses with polarizing filter and anti-reflective coating. This combination provides the best quality of vision.

Glasses for children and adults

The variety of models allows everyone to choose the perfect sunglasses. Both adults and children can wear them. In turn toddlers can use models on springs and rubber bands. When buying sunglasses for your child, try to avoid metal frames and glass lenses.



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