How to deal with sunburns?

What hours are the safest for tanning? What to apply on skin? Every year during the holiday period, this type of questions appear unbelievably often. And every year, a lot of people commit basic mistakes, resulting in aching and sunburned skin.

The weather is great and the sun tans our skin, changing its tone to a more or less intense brown. There have been a lot of things written on the pros and cons of tanning, so we won’t repeat it. But what if someone has definitely overdosed sun, and instead of tempting gilded skin is covered with painful redness and blisters?

Of course, the best solution is to avoid sun in the hours of the most intense emission of sunlight and the use of protective cosmetics. Sometimes, as you know, things go differently, and then you need to quickly find an effective way for sunburns.

Domestic ways for sunburns

Too tanned skin reacts even for a delicate touch with pain. We can soothe it with the help of painkillers available in pharmacies without a prescription. But we have to bear in mind that if we won’t feel the relief or the pain will go worse, we need a medical help.

After too intense sunbathing, we can take a soothing, 10-minute shower. The impact of ice water on hot skin can cause a thermal shock, so you have to cool it slowly - first with mild, and then with cool stream. Later, you can help yourself and use cold compresses in the form of frozen food wrapped in material applied to the skin.

Sun-baked skin desperately needs a hydration. Relief will come after kefir wraps, plain yogurt or cold milk wraps. They soothe amazingly, and also help to alleviate irritations.

Another idea are cool compresses of boric acid. Equally noteworthy are extracts of garlic and onions. They have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can be easily purchased at a pharmacy or homemade.

Rescue package with pump

Cosmetics having the composition of vitamin E, allantoin, D-panthenol and hyaluronic acid are like the first aid for the sun-baked skin. Foams, balms and lotions of these components are not only moisturizing, but they also stimulate the regeneration process of the skin.

Sunburns can also be soothed with thermal water in spray. Besides, it worth packing some cooling specifics in aerosol or gel. They help to restore sunburnt skin and reduce the pain and soothe the body.

If we have simply sun-baked, we can try one of several home remedies to deal with ailments. However, if we notice a fever and malaise, we should immediately go to see a doctor. When symptoms are accompanied by nausea or loss of consciousness (even temporary), and if on the skin appeared extensive blisters, a visit to a specialist is a necessity.