How to deter mosquitoes?

If you're planning an evening barbecue, you have to be prepared for an inevitable visit of some unwanted guests. What to do in order to deter mosquitoes successfully?

This year winter was exceptionally mild, not to say that it barely occurred. Hence, we’re facing the evenings filled with a struggle with persistent mosquitoes - their larvae survived the hibernation without any problems and now they’re merrily reproducing. What to do, to be able to spend time with the family outdoors, on barbecues, or just relaxing?

Attack is the best defense

In fact, you can think about the protection against insects much earlier, specifically at the time of planting your flower beds in the garden. When we prepare the place for summer grilling, let’s plant a nice catnip or other aromatic herbs such as peppermint, thyme or basil next to it. Spending time in the open space will be even more comfortable if we add a subtle scent of lavender – it pleases humans, but is unbearable for mosquitoes. Among fragrance "enemies" of insects you can also find myrtle, calendula and Swedish Ivy.

Herbs, such as basil or mint will also be helpful at home (they can grow in pots on the windowsill). Their fragrance will create an effective protection against mosquitoes, building an invisible second glass.

A more direct form of defense against bites is to install special insecticidal lamps. Apart from being a light source which lures insects, they’re equipped with an electric net that shocks every winged guy, who will recklessly approach it.

Homemade solutions to deter mosquitoes

One of the easiest ways to protect is covering the skin with preparations containing an ingredient called DEET (an organic chemical compound, an amide). It acts as a repellent, but we must remember that they are not indifferent to the body - before going to bed we have to wash it off the skin. They shouldn’t be applied on newborns to two months of age.

Essential oils, from which we can prepare a special mixture to spread, are gentler, but have weaker effects. They can also cause severe allergic reactions, therefore it’s better to dilute them with baby oil, cooking or cosmetic oil (e.g. from grape seeds.) The mixture should consist of a tablespoon of oil and 10 drops of essential oil such as clove, lavender or lemongrass. Peppermint, tea, anise, basil or thyme oils also have repelling effects. The use of essential oils is pleasant, but requires the application to the skin several times a day.

"Ah, sleep darling"

An effective way to pacify the unwanted guests are fragrance spirals that gradually release aromatic smoke that will repel the mosquitoes.

However, if the insects sit on the ceiling, we can use turpentine to get rid of them. Just leave a jar with this specific in the room (in which you don’t intend to sleep!) for a night, and remove dead insects from the floor and thoroughly ventilate the room in the morning.