Save Fuel

How to eco-drive motorhome or with a camping trailer?

Many people claim, that eco-driving, or economic driving, consists only in lowering fuel consumption. It’s of course the most important aspect of saving, but not the only one. While driving a motorhome or a car with a caravan, economic would be also saving on water and electricity.

Some drivers will probably be convinced by environmental issues, but for the majority the economic aspects are much more convincing! Eco-driving simply pays off, and this is particularly important during long journeys. When we traverse thousands of kilometers with our motorhome, every liter saved means a lot.

Keep calm

The most important is the style of driving. If we accelerate too dynamically and brake suddenly, then the fuel consumption is especially high, and thus it causes an intensive exploitation of other components of vehicles. During such drive, the car simply exploit and consume too much. So it’s worth to learn how to accelerate gently and brake appropriately early. So when you stop at one traffic lights, and see that there’re another ones in a short distance, don’t accelerate too much but let the car to slowly “roll” to the vehicle in front of you.

Also, when driving outside the city, try to drive in a gentle and relaxed manner. It doesn’t mean that you have to drive slowly! But it’s important to avoid sudden behaviors. You can drive quite fast, on condition that you accelerate gently, and start braking appropriately early.

If your car is equipped in a computer displaying the fuel consumption, better use that function. If you’ll peek at it from time to time, it would be easier for you to understand in which moments the consumption increases, and in which decreases. Make a fun of the ecological drive – try to remain possibly the lowest fuel consumption on the longest section of the road. If you have a cruise control, turn it on in the moment, when your engine gained the lowest level of the fuel consumption.

Electricity and aerodynamics

However, not only the style of driving matters here. Too low tire pressure has a significant influence as well, so it’s worth to control it regularly. Also, using of power-consuming on-board devices, such as air conditioning, also affects fuels consumption, so it’s worth to use it only, when really necessary. But be careful – if it’s too hot, it’s usually better to drive with air conditioning on, than with opened windows. The air flow, which disturbs aerodynamics, will cause even higher bill at the gas station.

For the same reason it’s better to decide for a bicycle trunk or a roof-rack. It’s worth to take care of a balanced loading of the car and caravan. The baggage should be attached appropriately, so it won’t “fly” everywhere in the inside.

In case of camping vehicles, an additional element of an ecological drive would be reasonable exploitation of water containers, as well as additional batteries during stopovers. The rule is simple –just save more! So we don’t use the water from container, if in a particular place we have an external source of it. Before we turn on some electronic device, let’s think twice if it’s really necessary. And again – it’s not about not using of facilities, in which a motorhome or caravan is equipped, but to use it wisely. Let’s turn off the lights, when we don’t use them and close windows, when the heating is on.

Lowering the fuel, water and power consumption we can significantly lower the expenses. Even small savings, if summed up in the scale of the whole year, can result in real profits. Eco-driving should be particularly important for the enthusiasts of caravanning, because they travel a lot and use many devices while on the road. And if so, they will be able to show off their talents.