How to light a campfire? - Clever ideas

During our stay on the campsite, sooner or later we will surely be seized by desire to throw a grill or organize a climatic evening by the fire. While there won’t be any problems with the first option, because we already have what’s necessary to make the grill, the second one may be a little bit problematic. First of all, there’re places, where lighting a campfire is prohibited. Besides, incompetent attempts may end up in burning all the matches, running out of gas in a lighter, and in a serious strain of our patience. Meanwhile, half the battle is to have a good quality kindling, which you can even do yourself.

A self-prepared kindling

We could think of preparing the kindling long before going to a campsite, for example during a walk in the woods. We can collect some cones, dry them and then cover them with wax. It’s a perfect material for the campfire – a very effective kindling, which also gives out an intensive scent. Another idea is to use a baking paper. We also pour wax on it, and when it dries, we cut it into small pieces.

Another concept requires a bit more work, however it will serve us during many trips. We need an egg box, sawdust, and, of course, the wax. We pour the wax on the sawdust and then stuff it tightly in each dimple. Depending on the size of the box, we get from 6 to 10 individual fire starters. You only need to cut them out and they’re ready. We can also use bags tightly filled with a paper from shredder – simple, yet very ingenious.

The fire itself can be build in a shape of a teepee or in cross style. The first will provide a centralized source of intense heat (perfect when you want to cook something), and the second, constructed by positioning two pieces of wood with the kindling in between, will be giving out heat for a long period of time. Such thing ensures a romantic evening under the open sky, without necessity to feed the fire all the time.

Evening by the campfire

If we’re staying at the campsite located in a national park, we can buy wood directly there. It’s always a good idea to get the information about the regulations concerning the use of branches lying near the tent or camper a bit earlier. Often, when there’s an opportunity to purchase the wood, national parks aim at preventing people from collecting the branches, because they constitute an important part of the ecosystem and, therefore, should not be used as a material for a campfire.

A reasonable idea is to keep a container with water close to the campfire. Thanks to this, we have the control over the fire (especially in the case of a strong gust of wind). It’s very important to completely extinguish the fire before going to sleep or leaving the campsite. We shouldn’t use sand to do that, because it can only damp down the fire that will smolder for a few more hours after we leave, or fall asleep.