Used motorhome

How to negotiate the price when buying a used motorhome?

There’s a lot of methods for implementing caravanning passion. Most of the people begin their adventure from renting the equipment, paying huge amounts of money only for a few days of use. It would seem natural to buy your own motorhome or caravan in the next stage. When you buy a new product, you can count on some discounts received from the dealer. In the case of used equipment, the situation looks a tad different. The final sale price depends not only on the initial valuation, but also on the interest in the offer or on the technical condition of the item.

Verification of the ad

Many buyers commit a cardinal mistake at the very first contact with seller – they start the conversation about the price of equipment before a thorough examination. Thus they minimize their chances for receiving an interesting bargain. In the first place, we should carefully inspect the caravan or motorhome, check the compliance of the product with description. Any deviation will be a strong bargaining chip in further talks. It’s worth checking all systems, devices which are or should be on board, because their disability or impending failure also cannot escape our attention. In this case, we can demand a reduction in price to make the necessary repairs, about which the seller didn’t warn us. Similarly we can solve the issue of missing equipment.

In case of motorhome we have to carefully examine the chassis and drive unit. Repair of engine and other mechanisms can absorb a lot of money. For this reason - if possible – you should carry out the inspection with a mechanic, who will reliably evaluate and verify the condition of the engine and the rest of the accessories (we can also check the condition of engine and other equipment by ourselves). Here the situation is similar - if we see a gross negligence, leaks, looseness or provisional repairs we should rethink the price offer. We should also remember to keep the seller informed about our discoveries, otherwise they may not take into account our "list of defects".

What matters is the time and place

It’s widely known that the sale of tourist equipment (and not only) is very dependent on the season of the year. In order to get the best price for the purchase of used motorhome or caravan, you should begin to look for a suitable one already in autumn or winter - in spring the sellers won’t be willing to lower prices. In addition, another very important factor is the weather during the examination of vehicle – rain will be favorable for us. If you plan to purchase used equipment from a specialized dealer, we have to rethink this choice very seriously. Sellers working in large (often rich) cities often determine higher prices than those from the provinces. Also, we can forget about considerable discounts.

When buying a second hand caravan or motorhome, we cannot be guided by its year of production. What matters the most is the actual technical condition. We’ll often face situations, where a twenty year old caravan will be in much better shape than a several year product.