How to prepare a campfire for cooking?

A campfire is not only a central point of an evening party with friends, providing warmth and a friendly atmosphere. It can also serve as a place to cook meals.

If we take grill when we go for a campsite, the only problem would be the selection of dishes that we can cook on it. But if we have a so-called Dutch oven, we can think of organizing a climatic evening around the campfire, where we will prepare a special meal.

The first step in cooking outdoors is to find the perfect wood. For this purpose, the best one would be the wood of deciduous trees. If you won’t find it on the campsite, you will probably be able to purchase it in the nearest shop. A bad idea is to cut branches - an attempt to make a fire with green wood ends up with plenty of smoke. Besides, it releases many pollutants into the atmosphere and it will also ruin our well planned evening.

We cook over the fire

The best place for a campfire are flat and stony surfaces, with no low-hanging branches and bushes growing nearby. The problem is solved, when there’s special place for that prepared on the campsite. If not, you can quickly prepare it yourself. Of course, firstly make sure that it’s allowed.

There at least few ways to prepare a campfire. In case of the wind you can dig a shallow hole that protects against damping it down, or you can simply just form a circle or the letter U with stones found at the campsite. It will secure the area around the fire from spreading the embers. If we have a big stone, we can make a makeshift chimney - set it with one end next to the fire, with other end in the direction of wind. It will direct the smoke up and away.

Lighting campfires doesn’t require any special ingenuity. We line the bottom of our circle with paper, on which we place thin twigs. After starting the fire we add another, bigger branches, arranging them evenly. When the wood start to change into glowing coals, you can move them in one place, thus preparing them for cooking.

The kettle of Panoramix

According to more experienced amateurs of that kind of cooking, when preparing food over a fire, first of all we need to stock up in a huge amount of patience. This cooking also requires special pots - not all will be suitable for cooking over the open fire and bursting embers of the coals. The aforementioned Dutch oven, known as the good old iron kettle, turns out great. Well, maybe it’s not too good to carry for tourist traveling with a backpack, because it’s considerably heavy, though it should definitely be packed if you’re going with motorhome. Depending on the model, you just hang it over the fire on a special rack, or set on its legs.

What’s only left is cooking We can choose among thick soups, stews, and a whole range of aromatic, one-dish meals.

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