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How to prepare caravan for winter

If you intend to use your caravan in winter, you should devote some time to it before harsh cold and first snow falls come. Good conservation will surely pay dividends the following summer.

The perfect situation would be when you have the possibility to close your caravan in a garage, preferably heated. Not too many people, though, have such a garage. In practice, a luxury would be at least having a car port, to protect you caravan against snow and frost. If we, however, don’t have any shelter, we can use a special cover – but it’s important to have one specially designated for camping caravans, which will be appropriately ventilated. On no condition should you use tarpaulins which are airtight.

Cleaning up

Nonetheless, before you hide your caravan under the cover, try to clean it as thoroughly as possible. Dust and dirt is a breeding ground for bacteria. If the caravan is going to stand unused for few months, it’s best to leave it in the possible best condition. All compartments and drawers should be dry. If it’s too late to ventilate them in a natural way, it’s best to use fans and electric heaters. After cleaning and ventilating, it’s best to leave cabinets and fridge open.

If the windows have an option of unsealing, make a use of it, because it allows the fresh air to flow in, protecting against the rain at the same time. Thanks to that we have a constant circulation of air. Vents as well should be left open. Inside the caravan you can place a moisture absorber during winter.

You should drain down all containers with water, and to make sure the whole water system is fully emptied, just purge compressed air through all the pipes. Unwind the taps and live in them in such position for the whole winter. You can pour preservative into the pipes, as well as into the chemical toilet.

It’s worth checking whether the gas valves on the top of the bottles are closed. If yes, you can leave them in the caravan, though some people advise to disconnect it and store in a warmer place. If it turns out that the installation isn’t tight enough, be sure to take out the gas bottle outside the caravan and release the gas (of course – away from any source of fire).

It’s best to leave mattresses in the upright position, or store them in home. You should also take out the bedding and rugs.

External protection

Before winter, we take care not only of the inside of the caravan. Wash it outside, using a large amount of water and liquid for car bodies. For a better protection you can also use a thick wax coating.

If the car is going to spend winter on wheels, it’s recommended to increase the pressure to over 3 bars. If you’re going to take of the wheels, you should set the supports appropriately (according to manufacturer’s manual). Remember, that they should be placed on a solid surface.

Grease the hook, and then attach the shaft and cover it tightly with foil, so the snow and rain didn’t have access to it. If the caravan is left in the open air, you should remember about removing snow from the roof.

The caravan protected in that way, should serve well the following hot season.