How to protect yourself against theft at the festival?

Summer is a time of high-profile festivals, where you can have a lot of fun, get to know masses of the people and, unfortunately, sometimes be robbed. Is there any way to protect against this?

Sunrise and OFF Festival have already passed, Woodstock 2014 entered history books as well, just like the Opener Festival. We’re still waiting for a few big events, which will be flooded by thousands of people from the whole country. Crowds, sweet weather, evenings under the stage, and days spent on sleeping and curing the hangover. The air is filled with fun atmosphere - is there anything that could ruin it? Unfortunately, yes. Even in the most positive crowd there’ll be at least one person, who came to the festival just to rob people.

Forewarned is forearmed

There’s no denying that multi-day festivals are a great opportunity to forget about the daily routine - either under the influence of people, music, atmosphere or alcohol. Nonetheless, it’s very important to stay vigilant, in order not to worry about loosing documents or other personal stuff. You should always carry money, bank card, ID or driving license with you!

First of all, it’s best not to take any valuable things on the festival. Of course, it’s nice to boast of an expensive camera, smartphone or other gadget, but if you really want to take it, always carry it with you, or keep it in a car. Forget about hiding it in a pile of clothes in a tent or cramming it under a foam mattress. In the end, it would be better to dig it near the tent pegs.

Speaking of piles of clothes – mess can protect us against robbery. Usually, the thief doesn’t have too much time to dig in the things left in the tent. He just grabs what’s at hand, usually a full backpack, and then bolts away to check its content in a safe place. Scattered clothes aren’t as attractive as a stuffed bag that can hide something valuable.

Of course, thief may take only the backpack, especially if it looks expensive. Therefore, a good idea is to package things to an old and battered bag. It won’t look "trendy", but it won’t be tempting either.

"John! Are you here? "

A typical way, in which thieves check the terrain before they open the tent is asking if the owner is inside. If he is, they can simply withdraw and apologize for the mistake (as if searching for someone else). If there’s nobody inside, they can do whatever they want, and sniff around to their heart’s content.

To protect against such situations, it’s best to get acquaint with your neighbors upon arrival. They can intervene and inform the unexpected guests that their "friend" is certainly absent. In return, we will keep an eye on their things, when they go to party. In the end, we are on the festival.

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