Tan Lines

How to sunbathe reasonably?

Most of us associate beautifully glided skin with holidays and perfect weather. Nonetheless, we often come back from vacations with painful burns, and our skin starts to peel. So, where did we go wrong?

Holidays are getting closer and closer, and hence, the time of vacations and trips. Many of us already imagine lying on the beach, enjoying warm sunbeams caressing our face. But we have to remember that tanning is one of those things that should be done very carefully. Otherwise, our skin will quickly backfire on us for negligence – it will burn and hurt, blisters and rash will appear.

From the medical point of view, the concept of "healthy sunbathing" doesn’t exist whatsoever, because intensive sun is very harmful to our skin. However, when on vacation, many of us try not to think about that. Vacationers are working on their tan, and when back at work they want to impress their colleagues. Besides, summer is the season in which it’s pretty difficult to avoid the sun. So, how to take care a proper care of our skin, and at the same time get a nice, golden tan?

Moderation primarily!

Every year, dermatologists are calling for the use of cosmetics with a proper filter protection – for the beginning the best would be the sunscreen SPF 30. If you're going to the mountains, except the cream with SPF 50 let's take a baseball cap, a headscarf or a hat. Otherwise, we may return with burned head, arms and nose. Misters with baldness should especially remember about covering their head.

As regards people, who spend their holidays by the water, some of them believe that spreading the cream in the morning, before going to the beach is totally enough. Unfortunately, it’s a popular misconception. If you’re going to spend all day by the water, you should apply the cream every 2 hours. At least 3-4 times, if you want to get tanned very quickly. A reasonable solution is to accustom your skin to the sun, by starting from the afternoon. Then, the ray emission is less intense, and the skin gets used to them slowly, gaining a nice color without burns.

Sun for skin problems?

Many people enjoy the summer, not only because they’re going on vacation and take a break from work and daily chores. Warm months are a period, when their skin problems disappear. Nonetheless, it’s a false impression, because when the summer ends, changes on the skin appear again, and they are even harsher. The reason for this phenomenon is really easy to explain - sebaceous glands produce sebum, trying to "catch up", as they have shrunk because of the heat.

A person suffering from acne (rosacea or classical) shouldn’t use tanning oils, because they are too greasy. They should opt for special pharmaceutics.

We have to remember about after-sun creams as well. They’ll bring relief to the skin, especially those with panthenol (which soothes burns).