Stretching before skiing

How to warm-up and stretch before hitting the slopes

Skiing is a very emotional and exhausting sport, especially when we give everything from ourselves on the slopes. It’s worth to prepare appropriately – particularly, when don’t do too much sports normally.

What we have to bear in mind when we plan to go skiing for the first time in the season (or first time in life)? Winter sports instructors emphasize, that we shouldn’t strain our body too much, because it may end with a huge muscle soreness the next day. We have to remember that during skiing, all muscles of our body are working – not only our legs.

What’s important, without a proper warm-up our body is more prone to injury. So how to prevent from being hurt or exhausted? Before you shred the slope down, just do a few simple exercises – this will prepare your muscles and joints for an intensive exertion.

Warming-up on the slope

It’s important to warm-up all your muscles before you shred the slopes. It’s best to start from the top (neck, shoulders, wrists) and gradually come down, preparing the major muscle groups to work. Firstly, lean your head forward, and after a few seconds, slowly toss it back and then tilt it on the sides. Don’t rotate your head, do only "angular", square moves.

Next exercises warm up shoulders. Extend your arms horizontally, holding hands at shoulder level. Then rotate your elbows - 10 times forward and 10 times back - just like you wanted to fly away.

Then warm-up your wrists. Hold your wrists together and swing it from side to side. Several times should be enough.

Stretching muscles before skiing

The next exercise requires some support. If you plan to ride on a snowboard, it will be perfect for that. We put it in front of us, holding it with one hand while with the other we pull the heel to the buttock. Stretch your muscles for 10 seconds, and then repeat the exercise on the other leg. Do it three times.

Still leaning against the board, we swing our legs back. If we want to make a bigger effort, we can finish the exercise with pulling knees up to the chest. We make 5 swings with one leg, and repeat the entire exercise three times.

Let’s move to lunges. Make a long step forward, holding your hand on knee – make sure that the knee doesn’t go over the toe line. Straighten your back. To warm-up this group of muscles it’s enough to repeat the lunges five times on both legs. Repeat the exercise three times.

Last exercise is a classic "windmill" – bending with arm swings. We bend and grab the right ankle with left hand, while straighten our right hand and tilt it back. We remain in this position for 5 seconds, and then repeat the exercise five times.

After such exercises we can hit the slopes. Hours of skiing or snowboarding ahead of us, so what to wait for?