Camping accessories

Ingenious accessories for camping

Outwell is a Danish brand that specializes in the caravan industry, and more specifically, manufactures products that can come in handy during camping. We searched through the offer of the company, to see if there’s anything interesting for us, fastidious users.

Is that a lamp?

It looks like a designer, industrial lamp, but in reality is something else. This "lamp" is primarily a heater with a power of 700 W. It can be successfully hang in the garden or camping atrium.

Heater Etna, equipped with a halogen heater unfortunately requires an access to the socket 230 V. The advantages of the unit include the fact that it warms up quickly and gives an odorless heat. Importantly, Etna can be used both outside and inside, thus it may turn out great for verandas or large tents.

Comparison with the lamp is quite right, because the heater gives a nice, climatic light. You can buy it on Allegro for a little more than 400 PLN (approx. 100 euro).

Flat dishes

One of the camping gems are the dishes from series Collaps Pot. How do they differ from ordinary bowls? First of all, the fact that when they aren’t in use, you can fold them nearly flat, so they don’t take up much space. It’s a great advantage in a tent, caravan or motorhome.

Secondly, they are resistant to high temperatures, so you can use them for cooking. Thirdly - they are very light and have a silicone cover. Folding sides were made of silicone as well. Bottom and components subjected to high temperatures or destruction were made ​​of stainless steel.

Collaps Pot is dishwasher safe. There’re also bowls made ​​entirely of silicone. The cheapest versions can be purchased for approx. 40 PLN (approx. 10 EUR)

Exactly the same structure as the bowls (aluminum-silicon) was applied to kettles created by Outwell. 1.5 liter kettle can be folded almost flat, pushing the upper part of the base. Price? 175 PLN (Approx. 42 euro).

Cold backpack

The company offer is far more extensive. And although they have several types of portable refrigerators, our attention was caught by bags for storing food in low temperatures.

Let’s look closer at Cooltime in size S. It looks like a sporty, handy bag. But inside we can pack 10 liters of fresh food, which should be stored in refrigerator. Isothermal bags are available in versions of 20, 30 and even 50-liter. The smallest can be bought in Poland for approx. 90 zł (22 euro).

A trolley that folds out

Different types of folding trolleys are an interesting solution. We like the most the one that can be folded almost flat, and therefore doesn’t take up too much space. And when we unfold it, we get a 4-wheel trolley, to which we put objects weighing up to 80 kg!

It can be a great help on the campsite, if we found a place to camp a bit farther from where we parked our vehicle, and if we would like to transport food, blankets and other goodies.

Unfortunately, in the case of this facility, the price may deter. Transporter costs over 145 euro.

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