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Is it worth to make a campervan conversion on your own?

Caravanning attracts more and more enthusiasts of active leisure each year – that don’t follow strict patterns. Unfortunately, for a very large group of people the purchase of a brand new motorhome or caravan turns out to be an investment beyond their financial capabilities. Of course, we can freely use camping equipment rentals, but nothing can compare to our own motorhome.

Alternative for second hand

The expenses that are several times smaller are associated with the use our secondary market, full of a variety of offers from Poland and abroad. Finding a vehicle at a reasonable price shouldn’t be a big problem. Unfortunately - not everyone wants to buy a second hand motorhome, due to its possibly bad technical condition and numerous defects.

Order it to a professional company

A long-known alternative is rebuilding an ordinary delivery van into a mobile home on wheels. Both on the Polish market, as well as Western European markets, there are many professional companies that deal with such things. In their case, the whole process runs extremely smoothly. You just have to go to the manufacturer to get some suggestions on the interior design.

The modernization itself takes about 2-4 weeks - design, construction and testing of the finished product. Again, the biggest problem is the price of the rebuilding, often oscillating around 25 thousand EUR. Of course, the final amount depends on equipment and materials ordered by us. The most expensive options, in addition to a kitchenette equipped with a gas stove and sink, are also equipped with heater, air conditioning, and even an expanded multimedia. An important advantage of such solutions is a several-year warranty.

Our own modernization

On the other hand - we can reduce the cost of reconstruction, doing some of the work by our own or ordering it to a friend carpenter. Initial preparation with the layout of electric, water and gas system can be done by ourselves investing a couple of hundreds of PLN and dozens of hours of work. Only then we can take care of insulating mat for walls, floor and ceiling.

Interior from a carpenter

The next phase of the reconstruction should be given to an experienced carpenter. The plan of the interior can be created on a "model" of original solutions. The issue of the choice of materials, from which the building will be made, we should consult with a specialist, who deals with the renovation of motorhomes on a daily basis. Thanks to his suggestions, we choose a relatively lightweight and durable material. Before starting the entire project, we should be aware of one thing - even building made by professional companies give out different sounds while driving. Squeaks and knocking are their natural feature.

The cost of building and installing custom furniture inside the cab won’t exceed couple of thousand EUR. Everything, however, depends on the carpenter and his valuation – it’s better to use services of a specialist from a small town.

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