Solar kettle

Kettle and washing maschine without power

A good gadget can save us in many unusual situations. This time we took under consideration the suggestions of our readers, who proposed us some very unique inventions.

Nowadays, you can lead a quite civilized life at the campsite. Usually, we have an access to electricity and many other facilities that can be found at home. However, it may happen that when using only the battery, we will have to reduce the power consumption. There are also those, who are looking for extreme sensations like hiking away from the comforts of civilization. And this is the time, when some unusual products, like a solar kettle, come to the rescue.

Solar kettle

If you expect something in the shape of a typical pot or kettle, you may be surprised. This kettle looks like a missile from the outside. But the fact that it’s not a product designed for military purposes is evidenced by its vivid color and the possibility of opening its wings.

Solar Kettle was designed by the British engineer, James Bentham. The main feature of this invention is a vacuum tube that resembles a thermos. Deflecting wall increases the amount of sunlight and accelerate boiling of the water. Interestingly, the outer surface of the tube remains cold even when the water inside is boiling.

The kettle is fitted with a stand that allows to set it appropriately to the sun and a thermometer showing the temperature in the pipe.

The empty kettle weighs approx. 1.2 kg, so it won‘t weigh down our bags too much. Its capacity amounts 0.5 liters. But beware! The time required to boil the water takes to two hours! And when it’s finally done, we‘ll be able to prepare not just two or three cups of coffee or tea, but also cook two eggs, or heat the soup.

The kettle also has another use – it can be used for desalination of sea water or treatment of water from the river or snow. In winter you can use it like a thermos, which heats up itself, using the sunlight. The kettle costs  53$.

Hand washing mashine

Another interesting invention is a cross between a washing machine and... a washboard. But it doesn‘t look like anything above. Scrubba Wash Bag looks more like a pumped ball or bag. When folded, it takes up very little space, so you can even hide it in the pocket.

How to use it? It's easy! Just drop inside one or more stained clothes, pour the water, and add liquid or washing powder. Close the bag, and then knead it like a dough. Exactly during this kneading, rough walls of the "washing machine" rub against clothing, cleaning it with special tabs.

The manufacturer shall ensure that thanks to his invention you can take care of clean clothes, even in the desert - of course, unless we run out of water supplies.

Along with the "washing machine" the customer also receives a string for washing (easy to hang anywhere) and a special towel, to which we can put wet clothes to partially dry them (when we do not have the time or opportunity to stretch the string). The set costs approx. 90$.

Solar kettle Solar kettle Scrubba Wash Bag Scrubba Wash Bag