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Kids and motion sickness

How to properly prepare for a long trip, when we have a baby suffering from motion sickness? What to take with you and how to help a baby, without stuffing him with medications?

"Mummy, are we there yet?" it‘s not the only thing that can make our journey unpleasant. There is another one - much worse, especially when it concerns our kids. Kinetosis, that is motion sickness, is an ailment tormenting children and adults. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to defeat it.

The reason for nausea, lassitude, general fatigue, as well as increased sweating and dizziness are the problems with the discrepancy of signals that reach the brain of the passenger. The body cannot deal with a situation in which the labyrinth transmit information to the brain that the body is at rest, while the eyes register the fact of movement (changing scenery outside the window). Moreover, children, who suffer from motion sickness may feel worse when the car has a poor ventilation. The nausea may also be caused by odor of fumes.

How to prepare a kid for travelling?

It's best to start the day on which we plan the journey, from an easily digestible food. It could be, for example, a delicate sandwich with ham and a cup of tea (lightly sweetened). It’s good to resign from dairy products. We give our baby the breakfast about an hour before departure.

As it was already said above, motion sickness and ailments related to it, is caused by a contradiction of data received by brain. To prevent it, you can sit the child in the front - of course in the seat. The passing landscape is perceived differently, when the child can see it from the front, and not in the form of "fleeing" trees.

During the trip

A good way to outsmart the motion sickness is to resign from eating while driving. You can eat your sandwiche, drink the juice etc. during a stopover, and in case of traveling with a child those will be pretty frequent.

Moreover, parents can occupy the kid with various entertainments – here the only limit would be your imagination. Let‘s not forget about taking few favorite teddy bears to make the kid feel more confident despite the new sensations.

Hit the road!

By doing so, our baby can go with us for a long journey without feeling uncomfortable. Of course, a nasty accident may happen, and we have tob e aware of that. If the child begins to get more and more irritable and grumpy, it may signalize the upcoming danger. Then it’s best to immediately find a place to stop. If we don‘t have time, really helpful would be an emergency kit, specially prepared for such circumstances, in the form of clean clothes, wet wipes, toilet paper rolls, as well as mineral water bottles and plastic bags for dirty clothes.

Motion sickness is not the end of the world. You can overcome it, and certainly outwit it.


2014.03.09 22:17
I've a younger brother who doesn't like traveling in our motorhome. Every time when we give him sth. to eat while driving, it ends with vomit ;)

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