No time for illness!

Some people would mostly like to spend winter on sleeping, while for others it’s a time, when they live more intensely than in the summer, especially when someone loves to hear the snow creaking underfoot.

In winter, one can observe an increase in the number of patients of plastic surgery clinics, who undergo surgeries to be beautiful for the holidays. For them it’s a period in which they can transform from an ugly duckling into a swan. Regardless of how we intend to spend the winter, it's definitely worth to use this time well, and not only vegetate, counting days until holidays.

But what if we want to be active, but there’re plenty of viruses lurking outside the window? How to protect against bacillus? It’s worth to take care of our immune system and to toughen properly.

We aren’t afraid of winter!

We dress in layers in order not to overheat or freeze. Let’s not trust the weather, as it may be tricky - hence the increased number of illnesses in the period, when it gets a little bit warmer for a moment. After returning home, let's have tea with cinnamon, hot milk with honey or garlic, or cocoa with whipped cream. Mulled wine with spices is an equally good choice.

Is there anything worse than a winter holidays spent with flu, sneezing, freezing and sweating? Exploring won’t be fun, when the only thing you dream about is getting a solid dose of medicines and go to bed. When we get a headache or cough, we could use a salt water gargle with a pinch of turmeric powder. In turn, when you get the cold, inhalations of eucalyptus oil and ginger could help. For dinner you can eat the dish containing a bit stinky, though effective garlic.

If we won’t manage to escape the disease, we can apply a proven method of our grandmothers - get some decent sweat. A hot raspberry tea with lemon and honey and 1-2 aspirins will help us to get better. However, if the household remedies prove ineffective, and our mood won’t improve over the next few days, we should go to see the doctor.

Winter diet

In the winter, you should pay more attention to your diet. Ayurveda suggests that it should contain bitter and salty foods that warm the body from the inside, and thus we feel the cold less acutely. Winter menu should be enriched with delicious, thick soups and whole wheat bread. Savory spices, whole grains, buckwheat and millet, as well as fish – you should bear that in mind as well.

Let’s provide the body with vitamins, including vitamin C which improves our immune system. You can find it in, among others, citruses and sauerkraut. Serotonin contained in the fat of fish will give us an energy kick and will improve our mood. B vitamins are also important – they have a positive effect on the nervous system. They are in potatoes, cereals, rice and dairy products.

Warm, waterproof shoes, appropriate clothing, which will help to keep our body warm and a cap. What more do you need? You can start exploring the winter world.