Pack your backpack like... a woman

Camper owners don’t have to worry if they’ll be able to pack more things for the holidays. Those, who are planning their holidays on a campsite, or have to pack themselves in a suitcase are in a whole different situation. There’s never enough space for packing all the necessary things and our backpack will literally burst at seems. Maybe some clever women tricks will be useful here?

There’re legends about the capacity of women handbags. Inside, we can find not only make-up bag, keys or perfumes, but also a set of adjustable wrenches or a jar of pickles (a documented fact). How women do that? The abyss of such a small thing can contain a lot.

Make a use of small space

For the beginning, you can use a trick which will ensure a safe transport of jewelry. You only need a straw –just thread necklaces, bracelets and rings through it and close the circle. Another idea is to transport shoes in disposable protective caps. Light sandals, flip flops or flats stored in such cap won’t dirty your clothes, they also won’t be squeezed in a plastic bag. You can pack several pairs of socks in more heavy shoes (such as sneakers), which will give you an additional space.

It may seem that clothes should be folded in a backpack or suitcase orderly in rows. Meanwhile we’ll save up more space if we roll it. Surprisingly, clothes won’t be so wrinkled.

Sets – saving space and time

If we’re traveling with children, a good idea will be to pack ready sets of clothes in plastic bags or bags for frozen food. It will also save us time once we’re on vacation, because we already have ready sets of outfits.

Cosmetics that we take with us on vacation, usually take a lot of space. We can replace them with miniatures which we’ll use during our stay on the campsite, we can also equip ourselves in a set of free samples available at any pharmacy or drug store.

Finally, an ingenious idea to protect our cosmetics against accidental spills. We only need a piece of food wrap – just wrap the bottle with it and twist the cap. Voila!


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