Quick dishes for the heat wave

During the heat wave one’s appetite isn’t as good as in the less hot days, but even so we should remember about nutritious meals, that will give us the energy necessary to enjoy our holidays. What can we prepare for a holiday meal?

Summer, especially when it’s stuffy and hot, we don’t always know what to eat. From one side our stomach wants proper, balanced dishes, but on the other- just the thought of a hot meal makes us sweat. If we add to this, being on a camping and the need to cook on a motor home’s cooker creates a dilemma: how to prepare a delicious dinner that will be light and nutritious, while being fast to make as well?

Summer kitchen on a motorhome

No matter what we say, salads are the royal food of the summer. The dinner based on vegetables is very nutritious and surely is healthier than a plate filled with steaming meat, after which our organism wants a restart in a form of a nap under the closest tree. If while on holiday, we don’t want to waste time on such siesta, let’s prepare a salad with seasonal vegetables, enriched with groats, light chicken or fish. Such meal, would be light enough for a hot day, while very satiating.

 When it’s too hot for ordinary soup, we should try to have a cold soup. It is extremely easy to make, thick and nutritious, and as the name says it is pleasantly cool. To an exemplary cucumber cold soup, only a few ingredients are necessary: cucumbers, kefir (a kind of buttermilk), sour cream, garlic, chive and seasonings like salt, pepper and hot pepper. Cucumbers need to be grinded, rest needs to be mixed, we combine everything and put it away into the fridge. Nothing more than that.

Gaspacho is even simpler to prepare. It’s enough to chop some vegetables: a small zucchini, cucumber, onion, red pepper, two tomatoes and a garlic clove. Then we put everything into a blender and mix with 3 glasses of tomato juice and coriander, 2 spoons of lemon juice and half a spoon of chilli sauce. We cool everything in the end and serve with toasts.


What should we drink in such heat?

During summer we have a limitless choice of drinks, starting with water with ice and mint, through compote, juices, kefirs and finishing on finesse drinks based on fruit. Lemonade will give use energy and if we enrich it with mixed parsley will change into a vitamin drink that will improve the state of your hair and nails. If the lemon is too sour, we can replace it with grapefruit with its bitterness or less expressive lime.

Lover of sweetness will enjoy mango lassi- a Hindi cocktail made from a ripe mango, natural yoghurt, milk, water and a pinch of cinnamon and icing sugar. It’s sweet and not bland, while being very refreshing.

Summer is probably the only time of the year, where with pleasure we lose kilograms to have a slim figure and a tan. It is still important, to not exaggerate the diet and not lose our strength. Otherwise we won’t have enough of it to enjoy our holidays and collecting of summer memories.

Gaspacho  Lemonade Salat



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