Luggage in a motorhome

Securing luggage when driving a motorhome

It's hard to imagine a caravanner, who hits the road blithely, without securing his luggage first. Already after the first trip he would know that it was a highly unwise move. Not securing a luggage properly may result in a big mess, but is also very dangerous.

Regardless of whether you go on holidays with a car, motorhome or caravan, before the trip we have to protect both the luggage inside the vehicle, as well as this mounted on the roof.

Safe travel in a motorhome

When it comes to the interior of motorhome, usually the alcove is used as a luggage compartment. There, you can quickly squeeze bigger equipment, such as a table or chair. However, you should bear in mind that if you won’t secure the luggage appropriately, it can damage the alcove and windows, but it’s also pretty dangerous for traveling companions.

If we can fit a roof box on the roof of our motorhome, we have to remember about checking the condition of its mounting. It applies especially in situations, when the route leads trough places hardly available for high vehicles (eg, forest). The box is also exposed to vibrations while driving, thus the goods are carried in unstable position.

Securing the luggage outside the vehicle

No one needs convincing that the things we took on holidays should be packed so as we could have an easy and quick access to them. But they have to be secured while driving so as not to cause any danger. Larger items should be fixed to the floor, smaller - packed closely next to each other. This will eliminate the risk damaging the luggage, damaging the interior of the vehicle, and will prevent the luggage from moving and causing annoying noise.

Cutlery may cause a lot of unpleasant noise during driving. Before departure, just put it in a drawer lined with a thin layer of sponge or put into a container and thus immobilize it. Mugs, cups and glasses can be wrapped in paper towels or transported in special containers. You should also take care of pots and placing them properly in kitchen cabinets so they won’t slide and make noise.

Or maybe instead...

You can also think about using disposable paper plates and plastic cutlery or shatter-resistant dishes made of melamine. These solutions are very comfortable, they eliminate the problem of transport and noise, as well as the consumption of water during washing.

Before traveling, we should check if drawers and cabinets are closed. We should secure the refrigerator door and then we can hit the road.