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Stand Up Paddle boarding during camping

Stand Up Paddleboard - F-One Stand Up Paddleboard - F-One F-One

I assume everyone knows what is camping but how about Stand Up Paddle boarding? It is yet another leisure activity where an open water reservoir and a board are a necessity.

What is stand up paddle boarding?

Since this sport is new, I am sure not everyone is familiar with it. The easiest way to describe it is as a combination of surfing and kayaking. SUP lovers swim through lakes, seas and even oceans (near the bank of course), standing on a special type of a board and paddling using a long paddle. That’s the best trait of SUP. Thanks to its own drive, paddle boarding is suitable for any kind of a reservoir. Using SUP you can paddle through lazy rivers as well as climb the rapid waves.

Board types

In sale we can find a wide variety of boards. Even though they are all used for the same thing, they have very different characteristics. Therefore there are SUP boards that are able to reach nigh speeds (narrow and spiked). Some have been designed with waves in mind and some with higher level of stability (rivers). For us the most interesting is the inflatable board. Usually its characteristics are universal, but its great advantage is easiness of transport (we are going camping after all). After deflating it will fit into the trunk of any motorhome or even a normal backpack. We inflate it using the pump available with the board (around 10 atmospheres). The board is firm and stable, but when paddling we have to pay more attention to sharp objects in the water.

Additional equipment

Of course, to get a taste of SUP we will need additional equipment, apart from the board. First of all the paddles, there are a few main types. They differ in the shape of the blade and the material from which they are manufactured. The toughest, but also the heaviest are aluminium paddles. But for a camping trip the best will be foldable carbon paddles (they will be the lightest).

We can also buy a few other gadgets, but their necessity can be debated for the longest of times. Our SUP equipment can then be completed with a leash, which we can use to fix ourselves onto our stand up paddle board. For the people who want to travel on the board rather than with it, a waterproof bag will be useful (it can be fixed on the board).

Where to go?

There are two ways to use the SUP. We can treat it as a leisure activity – one of many attractions during our holidays. We then choose a campsite near water, set up there and spend a few hours a day paddling at the nearby sea or lake.

We can also, treat SUP more seriously and go on a paddling trip. We then back our clothes and tent (since almost every camping site has the ability to settle in a tent). Into the waterproof bag and paddle down the river (or up, if we are tough and the river isn’t very forceful).

Translation: Barbara Mikołajczyk

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