Winter camping

Tent buried in snow - camping in winter

There’re lots of people, for whom spending winter holidays in a motorhome isn’t a bit strange, nonetheless some still associate the idea of sleeping in a tent in December with experiences reserved only for alpinists. I mean, how to sleep in a sleeping bag, with sub-zero temperature outside? How to pitch a tent wading through a 0,5 meter of snow? And finally – why, if you can always find a cozy guesthouse?

There’s no doubt that such kind of adventure isn’t for everyone. Recalling the example of alpinists fits here perfectly. Most often we pitch a tent in the snow after travelling many miles through mountains. To be able to do it, you should not only have the right equipment, but also the condition. Mountain hiking tires out everyone. A warm, thick clothes and shoes are an obvious necessity, just like a good sense of direction. Snowshoes or ski tour kit will be very useful here as well.

Winter in a tent

It’s worth to entrust the opinions of instructors and mountain hiking coaches. We can hear a lot about a proper equipment and how important it is not to save on it. The tent has to withstand strong winds - choose a model with more than two masts. It should also have snow flaps, should be easy to pitch and should not require taking off the gloves while doing this. An absolute misunderstanding would be a trip to mountains with a tent, in which you have to tie knots to fasten the whole to masts.

One of the most important things in preparing a place to sleep is the ground. The floor should have a high resistance to leaking (water resistance of about 10 thousand mm). You can put a NRC foil under the foam pad, and if despite that it’s still cold, you should place all your clothes under the sleeping bag.

What about cooking?

If you’re going to cook inside the tent, you necessarily have to provide a good ventilation, otherwise the tent will get damp inside. We cook under the lid – thanks to it we’ll quickly warm up the inside of our tent. The oven has to be reliable. In some cheaper models the fuel may freeze, making it impossible to prepare the meal and recharge the batteries before the journey. Sleeping bag has to be warm (with the optimum temperature below zero, and preferably around -10 to -20 degrees). You can even insulate it with the second sleeping bag, put inside.

A proper organization of our holidays is absolutely elementary if we want to continue the journey on the next day. If we sleep well, we can do it.

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