What are the rules on a ferry?

Travelling by ferry is not only the joy of enjoying the views of a horizon different from a landscape. It would seem that you only need to pay for the ticket. Before hand you should familiarize yourself with rules in force on the dock.

One of the main ordinal rules is the one stating that a passenger needs to have a valid boarding pass and that an ID needs to be presented to any member of ferry staff on request.

Booking a ferry doesn't guarantee entering the ferry - the staff is allowed to refuse entrance to anyone, who is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances; all who disturb the peace and may be a danger to other or themselves. Furthermore, even if a person gets on a ferry, in case of violation of the accepted standards of behaviour one can be held by the staff and put away for the remaining part of the journey into arrest.

What can and what can't be taken on a ferry?

On the deck of a ferry one can take their puppy, as long as it will be kept in the cabin fitted for animal transport. The owner is fully responsible for their animal - for its behaviour and the possible harm that it can cause.

It isn't allowed to take on board dangerous, including weapons. It isn't also allowed to use open fire (such as gas cookers or candles). All dangerous things need to be reported during check in to the terminal- such objects can be only carried inside a vehicle and need to stay there for the whole duration of the ride.

Order regulations

While travelling on a ferry the passengers are obliged to listen to the Captain’s orders. They also have to obey the rules and safety regulations visible on deck by special indications.

When it comes to eating, in bars and restaurants on the ferry we can only consume what has been bought there. Exceptions are food products for people who need to follow a special diet and infant food.

During the cruise, the passengers can stay only in the areas available to them. This means, that they can’t use the free time to clean things in their car or to fix their vehicle - staying at the car dock is prohibited during the cruise.

Hotel on water

Many rules of acting on a ferry are known from hotel regulations. In the cabin compartments, similar to hotel rooms, there is curfew. If somebody would dream of a loud party that will bother other passengers, their music system could be confiscated by the crew. It would be returned upon arrival at the destination.

In public areas inside the ferry, in cabins and the car decks smoking is prohibited - for smokers there is a special room available. You can also have a fag on the open decks.

Before travelling every passenger should familiarize themselves with the conditions of transport available on the website of the ship owner.