Towing a caravan

What criteria need to be followed when looking for a car for towing a caravan?

Spending leisure time actively becomes more popular with each passing year, not only in the rich countries of Western Europe. Polish people are more often convinced of undeniable charms and advantages of caravanning and buy camping vehicles more willingly. A very rich offer of such vehicles helps with the implementation of summer plans. Here virtually everyone can find an affordable mobile home on two or four wheels.

Already the choice of a new or used caravan is a big challenge for the buyer, and this is just a half of dilemmas. When looking for a caravan a few people will care about its curb weight, number of axles – what counts is the technical condition and the equipment. Thus we omit a very important question - what will tow it.

Daily tower

If we plan to tow a caravan with the car we usually use to get to school or work, before purchasing let’s try to see what loading our vehicle is able to endure. Otherwise, we may expect to receive a ticket during a routine control or damage the mechanics of the car.

Tug at a great price?

Of course, the owners of expensive SUVs and off-road vehicles don’t have problems with matching the towing capabilities of the vehicle to weight of the caravan. Solid construction designed to withstand huge overload, durable power transmission system and, above all, powerful engines - all this makes that vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol or Land Rover Discovery will easily tow even the heaviest caravan.

While looking for a budget tower, apart from the specifications entered in the registration document you should take into account some other criteria as well. Without a doubt, a big advantage for us is the power and torque generated by the drive unit - the bigger these values will be, the more easily we’ll overcome hills and other obstacles. Moving off with a heavy set always requires a great deal of effort from the towing vehicle, so we should consider cars that have off road properties. Their drive system is designed to deal with large overload - thus the risk of burning the clutch during starting decreases.

One major advantage of the car that we would use for towing will be, surprisingly, a simple automatic transmission. Mechanics (or electronics) controlling its work will provide the optimal selection of gear ratios in all driving conditions. Thanks to this, even relatively poor cars will do very well.

Passenger car with a hook

Not every fan of caravanning will decide to buy an off road car with solid construction, most drivers will stick to the normal cars. In this case, we should take care of accident-free past (the condition of crucial structural elements of the body is very important) and choose the appropriate drive unit. Solid installation of tow hitch is an obvious requirement. Relatively long initial gear ratios in passenger vehicles makes it pretty hard to start the vehicle towing a caravan - but high torque saves the situation. For this reason, we should reach for vehicles equipped with diesel engines, or strong variants powered by petrol.

Choosing a perfect tower that is not too expensive isn’t a simple task. Deciding on the off road vehicle we should be aware that it consumes a lot of fuel and that the prices of consumables are very high. In case of a passenger car problem may be the life of the clutch.

Towing a caravan Towing a caravan Towing a caravan Towing a caravan