Car equipment

What shoul I have in the car

The regulations in Poland don’t impose on drivers to carry too many additional pieces of equipment in the car. Nonetheless, it’s worth to take a little interest in some of them, either for safety reasons or simply for convenience.

Each car that travels on Polish roads has to be necessarily equipped in two additional elements – a fire extinguisher and warning triangle.

In the case of the fire extinguisher, it should have a capacity of min. 1 kg, current homologation and pass annual technical examination. We should remember that the extinguisher shall be located in an easily accessible place, so it definitely wouldn’t be the trunk.

Deciding on a triangle with homologation, not only will we fulfill the requirements, but we will be sure that the reflective surface is large enough so the triangle placed on the road was spotted early enough by other drivers.

 In Poland, you don’t need to carry a reflective vest in your vehicle. Fortunately, even though many drivers voluntarily decide for such a purchase. If something will happen to us or our vehicle on the road at night, or if we will have to stop on the side of the road in order to replace the bulb or replenish fluids, thanks to this vest we will be clearly visible to other drivers. Without the reflective elements on our clothing, at night we will be noticed only a dozen meters in front of an oncoming vehicle. For the driver, this may mean a lack of sufficient time for braking, and a mortal threat for us.

We should also have a flashlight, which, just like the vest, can be used to mark a place that requires a special attention. Besides, the flashlight can come in handy as the light source needed when replacing bulbs or small repairs.

And if so, the more we shouldn’t forget about spare bulbs and fuses - we should be equipped in all kinds of them that occur in the car.

In recently produced cars most of the tools won’t be too useful, because you can deal with just a few kinds of breakdowns directly on the road. Nonetheless, we can keep a set of basic keys in the trunk anyway.

Let’s not forget about a spare wheel, screw- jack and a wheel key. Pretty often drivers don’t remember that the spare wheel must have an appropriate pressure. It would be quite problematic if we remembered about it in the situation, when we need to replace the wheel.

In emergency situations, a tow rope may turn out necessary. If we have it, other drivers may help us by towing our vehicle in case it breaks down on the road.

Going on a longer trip, it is good to have an engine oil of the same type as the one currently used. According to car manufacturers, every car has the right to consume about 1 liter of oil per 1000 km, so you must be prepared for its replenishment.

Even if the car won’t consume oil, it will be difficult to avoid the consumption of washer fluid. Let’s not forget to have a special fluid which won’t freeze during winter. In this season, you have to also stock up in accessories such as ice scraper and shovel, which will help you to dig the car out of snow (not only in the far road, but sometimes even on the snow-covered parking lot). In mountainous areas, wheel chains will be really useful.

When completing the equipment, let’s won’t forget about first aid kit. In Poland, having it isn’t mandatory, but after all, you never know when you'll have to use it. A good first aid kit should include bandages, plasters, tourniquet, a disinfectant, a mouthpiece for artificial respiration and gloves.

If we include those items in our car equipment, we can easily go for even a long trip. Please check our Traffic Regulations in Europe page for more information about neccessery equipment in each country in Europe.