What to do after a wasp bite?

Despite its stripped clothing it looks shapely and thin. Although it’s pretty similar to the bee, it’s not as nice, nor useful, and its bite is extremely dangerous. We’ll meet with the wasp many times.

So similar to the bee but so dangerous. The notorious insect stings extremely painfully, and people, who are allergic to its venom must immediately contact the doctor, because their life is in danger. As you can see, the term “angry like a wasp” is justified.

What to do after being stung?

If you are at home, we have more opportunities to quickly reduce the pain after wasp sting. The situation is different, if the encounter took place at the campsite. When the sting is stuck in your skin, you should take it out, but very carefully. It has to be done with the tweezers, on no condition with the fingers. You may also lever it up a little bit with a sheet of paper or a plastic card (such as an ID card or credit card).

After removing the sting, there’re several ways to ease the pain. Here, the methods are the same regardless of what insect has stung us – wasp, bee (it also can sting painfully) or blackfly. Most of the "medicines" are available in our camper, more specifically in the kitchen. We can moisten the bitten place with a strong solution of salt (one cup of water - one teaspoon of salt), we can also rub it with lemon juice or grinded parsley.

In the first aid set of an experienced traveler you will surely will find an activated carbon. We can dissolve few tablets in warm water, and after mixing, put in the bitten place and cover with gauze. Equally effective will be a cold compress or a halved onion.

See the doctor immediately!

If you are allergic to wasp venom, redness or a rash will appear all over your body. Instead of looking for things that can soothe the symptoms, to go to the doctor as soon as possible - especially when you feel worse, you are weaker, feel dizzy and have breathing problems. In the information point at the campsite you will find out where’s the nearest doctor's office.

Doctor’s appointment is also necessary, when a wasp stung us in the tongue, throat, or generally in the area around the mouth. Increasing swelling can cause airway blockage. While waiting for the appointment you can reduce pain by sucking ice cubes – you’ll surely find at least one in your camper fridge.

Encounters with the wasp are so painful that you will remember them for a long time. We can avoid fruit orchards and flowers dust, but a wasp - as a wasp – won’t avoid us. Therefore, when planning a holiday in a camper, it’s worth to well equip our kitchen.