Motorhome and caravan - Knaus

What to rent? A motorhome or a caravan of similar size?

Upcoming holiday season is a time of planning budget and places, where we want to rest. For enthusiasts of caravanning usually this cost criterion turns out to be crucial, especially if we want to rent equipment.

Already on the very beginning you can see a huge difference in the price of renting caravans and motorhomes, existing deposits. However - in order to accurately evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each option of organization of holidays – we should be aware of few things. In the season the price of renting a decent caravan amounts approx. 150 PLN (40 EUR) per day (the amount of deposit is 1000 PLN – 250 EUR), motorhome 500 PLN (130 EUR) with 4000 PLN (1000 EUR) of deposit. Let us assume that the time of rental will amount ten days, and the total mileage 1500 km. For every 100 km motorhome consumes 10 liters of diesel, while the car that tows a caravan, 11 liters.

Of course, apart from the rental expenses, camping vehicles hires charge an extra fee for each gas bottle, cleaning of equipment after receiving it back and the mileage that exceeds the amount included in the contract. In case of caravans and motorhomes these costs are identical.

The bill for the renting motorhome will amount 5000 PLN (1300 EUR), in case of caravan 1500 PLN (400 EUR). During the holidays motorhome will consume diesel for 750 PLN (190 EUR), in turn a car towing a caravan 825 PLN (200 EUR).

But this is not the end of the expenses. Using paid routes, driver of a unit car + caravan will pay nearly twice as much as a driver of a motorhome. A similar disparity in the rates of fees will occur on the campsite. For a car towing a caravan we will also have to pay a separate rate.

Ultimately, renting a motorhome will involve a significantly bigger expense - up to three times more expensive than renting a caravan of comparable size and class. Even smaller tolls and parking fees aren’t able to compensate for the expensive rent. On the other hand - paying dearly for renting a motorhome we get a perfectly prepared vehicle, both in terms of technical condition and equipment.