What we can repair by ourselfes in a motorhome or caravan?

Probably everyone is aware of considerable costs that are associated with the realization of passion and hobby. As we know, caravanning requires a lot of money, and the purchase, exploitation and any repairs of motorhomes and caravans absorb a significant amounts of it each year. No wonder that many owners of mobile homes are looking for savings often in wrong places. Buying cheaper parts of worse quality we can only do harm. But we can save a noticeable sum by carrying out the small repair by our own.

Firstly, I want to inform you – if you want to do some small repairs by yourself, you should obtain the basic set of tools (spanners, sockets, screwdrivers will also be essential), and if you’re DIY kind of a person it’ll just make things easier.

Mechanics and installation repair

If your motorhome is old, and thus - equipped with a relatively uncomplicated mechanics, we can start to service it on our own with no worries. Changing fluids (engine oil, coolant) will take couple of minutes, while with changing fuel, oil and air filter we can deal a lot quicker. Most caravans are equipped with a braking system which, like in the motorhome requires not only a regular inspection, but also the exchange of used components. Exchanging drum brakes in caravans and in rear axle of motorhomes will require more than an hour of work. A little less time we’ll devote to exchange discs and brake pads.

Let’s remember about the lift with appropriate load capacity – using a simple one we risk a lot (the lift may not withstand the load).

Few years old motorhome or caravan may often require many repairs of installation. Broken electrical wires, old and leaky water and gas pipes leaking body or damaged furniture – all this can be repaired at our own expense. Improving the gas system we must be aware of the consequences of failed repair - escaping gas is a huge danger to users.

Much less problems is with the repair of water system - old pipes, rusty bands and clogged filters can be replaced in a few hours. This will require dismantle of furniture – on the occasion we get an access to some body leaks. Contrary to the opinions of many "experts" the exchange of used, broken refrigerator turns out to be extremely simple. You just have buy a new one and install it in the place of the old one. When it comes to the repair of heating system it’s better to leave it for specialists.

The aesthetics

Long years of heavy use are touch not only the mechanics and systems, but they also consume furniture, flooring and upholstery. You can replace threadbare carpeting on your own, but be aware: it’s a time-consuming task, requiring a lot of patience. Worn covers can be replaced in a few moments, just like broken door handles and wall lamps’ shades.

Devoting several hours a year for self-repair of motorhome or caravan allows us to save a considerable amount of money. Professional repair shop will charge us a lot more for the same service. In addition, we will know the exact condition of our equipment.