Winter tires very required

Caravaning for many years is the most popular in Europe, especially in Scandinavian countries, as well as in the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain. Therefore, due to the frequent and heavy snowfalls, it is important that during the winter expedition to specifically prepare the car and caravan to drive in difficult conditions. One such element is the replacement of summer tires for winter. Appropriate selection of tires ensures a safe journey in even the most extreme weather conditions including snowfall and slippery surfaces.

You do not need to convince anyone how great are the benefits of setting up adequate tires for the weather. First of all, the car is easier to drive and the braking distance is significantly reduced, without the risk of skidding, of course, when balanced riding is ensured. We have published an article saying when and in which country you should have winter tires HERE.

The first option: used winter tires

Replacement of tires for winter can happen in two ways: the first assumes the usage of used tires (from the previous season) or buying new ones. If we are using used winter tires that were waiting for us all spring and summer, we should check their state before changing them, e.g. make sure they are not cracked, there are no bulges or other disturbing changes. Also we should check if the tires don’t have any sorts of foreign bodies, such as stones and if there are, remove them. Tread depth is another very important issue, because it can not be too low. Tire parameters are usually specified by the manufacturer, therefore, if the examined height of the tread is different from the optimum, the tires are suitable only for exchange. For the sake of good condition of winter tires, one must remember about relevant conditions in which they are stored during the summer months - tires must be hidden (preferably in a dark and cool room) or covered in a way that doean’t let the sun’s rays reach them, because they have a destructive influence on tires.

Option two: buy new winter tires

If you buy new winter tires, you should seek the advice of professionals. There are two types of winter tires: some are designed to travel at temperatures below 7C, the second to a somewhat milder conditions. Admittedly, this is not a cheap expense, but extremely necessary, indeed obligatory, given the law in some European countries. However, good quality tires stored in conditions favorable for them, can serve us for several years (they are only used for 3-4 months a year). Certainly, this is an investment that for the sake of our health and life turns out to be priceless.

Another important rule: as soon as the temperature rises and there is a general warming, remove the winter tires, because at higher temperatures they use up very quickly.

What to look for when choosing winter tires for a motorhome or a caravan? First of all for the load index. Too low load-bearing capacity can result in tragic consequences - the tire may burst unexpectedly while driving. In addition for a motorhome we choose tires marked with the letter C, which is suitable for delivery vehicles. You can also use tires marked with  XL, which are the tires to ordinary cars, but are more enhanced. But it all depends on recommendations of the manufacturer of the motorhome or caravan. More about tires for motorhomes and caravans we have published HERE.

One should also equip themselves with snow chains, especially if you travel to the Alpine countries, where they are required.