Knaus Sudwind

Winter storage of caravan and motorhome

We can enjoy caravanning mostly in the summer. In autumn, our caravan usually falls into oblivion for several months. Nonetheless, it’s worth taking care to prepare it well for winter, because thanks to this it won’t cause problems in the next season.

From what should we start the preparation of the motorhome or caravan for winter? For sure from a thorough body wash. It’s important to avoid any preparations with addition of citrus, because it can have a negative impact on the rubber seals. It’s best to cover the paint with a three layers of wax, which protect the car body very well.

We’ve already cleaned from the outside, it’s time for the inside. Let’s start from a general cleaning, and then let’s wash all furniture and equipment elements. If it possible, let’s clean every item also inside. Each part should be wiped dry. Hinges should be greased with vaseline or other preparation.

When our little house on wheels will be shining both on the outside and inside, we should also empty the whole hydraulic equipment from water. We leave taps open. We flush pipes with a special liquid preservative, but it would be best if we additionally clean it with compressed air. Also, the toilet cassette should be emptied and dried with fluid.

We disconnect the onboard devices from the power supply, including the batteries and gas cylinders (for winter storage, gas cylinder should be removed from the motorhome or caravan). All shelves and fridge should be left open, so that nothing gets musty. Vents and possibly one of the side windows should be left open as well.

Elements that easily absorb moisture, such as rugs, curtains and bedding, should be taken home. If we have a place to store mattresses, it’s best to take them as well. Alternatively, we can leave them in the vehicle, in the upright position.

Because moisture is the greatest threat, we recommend to leave dehumidifiers inside the vehicle. Mice can get to the vehicle that stands unused. One of the ideas for securing the vehicle against unwanted visitors is the electronic, ultrasonic rodent repellent.

Shaft of the caravan should be protected from frost, snow and water, while wheels with appropriate wedges.

If the vehicle will be kept outdoors, in case of heavy snow the roof should be cleaned from time to time. We also advise to turn on the motorhome at least once a month during winter. Even if the car will be started up even for a few minutes, do not forget about the fluid in the radiator, adapted to freezing temperatures. It would be perfect, if you tank the motorhome before winter storage and if you replenish the additive to prevent the precipitation of paraffin from oil.

It’s best to carry out the preparatory works in autumn on a sunny and dry day. You shouldn’t cover the vehicle with a simple tarp or foil. For motorhomes and caravans we recommend special sheets that don’t restrict the air recirculation.

What to do with the caravan, if we don’t want it to occupy too much space in the garage and we don’t have enough space in the backyard? Fortunately, there’re companies that offer a service of winter storage of caravans and motorhomes. We can find them in the companies’ database

For example, Balcamp proposes winter storage of camping vehicles in the hall, therefore under the roof, or in the open air. Depending on the vehicle, the costs range from 123 PLN (open air place for a single-axle caravan) to 307,50 PLN for motorhome storage in the hall. Additionally, after winter your camping vehicle will be cleaned and tested before the next season. Elcamp company offers winter storage as well.