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10 things you probably didn't know about Lake Garda Trentino

10 things you probably didn’t know about Lake Garda’s northernmost haunt, divided between impressive mountains and crystal clear waters pushed by the Ora wind.

Do you know what we mean with molche? And do you know that the famous poet D’Annunzio is the ab aeterno President of the sailing club “Fraglia Vela” in Riva del Garda?

These and many other fun facts are included in this top ten lulus you didn’t know about Garda Trentino, perhaps! An incredibly rich area, able to combine the Mediterranean climate and the mountain environment, a romantic haunt with the wonderful sea-like lake waters, a real heaven on earth you have to visit, live, savour and love with your five senses.

Here you have these ten facts; if you don’t know them yet, go and find them out!

  1. Gabriele D’Annunzio, ab aeterno president of the Fraglia Vela. We have already mentioned it: the famous poet traveled here a lot of times, inspired by the landscapes, and also founded the sailing club in Riva del Garda, and he is its everlasting president!

  2. Galeas per montes. Did you know this incredible challenge of the Most Serene Republic of Venice? In 1439 some barges were taken from the Adriatic Sea to Lake Garda, returning up the river Adige and carrying the ships by land to Torbole. They even passed by Lake Loppio, that has disappeared in the last few years after the construction of the Adige-Garda tunnel, that emptied the above lake. It was one of the most important works of military engineering realised by that time and because of that it became famous all over Europe.

  3. The Garda railway. “El vecio trenin” (the old train). Once upon a time, there was the Mar (Mori-Arco-Riva), built in 1891 and closed down in 1936. You can still see some of its evocative rails in the former train station in Riva del Garda, while the Arco station is now used as a bus station. There are also some great pictures that show the section, passing by Lake Loppio, existing at the time.

  4. From Brennero to Riva del Garda by bike. It is undoubtedly the most important cycle lane in Trentino; it crosses the Trentino region from north to south, connecting the provinces of Bolzano and Trento (down to Verona). The handy connection Mori-Riva gives you the perfect occasion to discover Lake Garda by bike on a great cycle lane!


  5. The Ponale waterfall. Everybody knows the footpath, but many aren’t aware of the fact that, once you get there, it is possible to see a small waterfall. Here the Ponale creek comes out from Lake Ledro and flows into Lake Garda between the rocks and the unopposed blue waters.

  6. Garda coffee. In Arco it is possible to drink an excellent coffee, did you know that? Where? At Omkafè, a coffee roasting shop that has been open for more than 60 years, to taste a great espresso made in Garda Trentino!

  7. Garda Trek. The Garda Trentino crown: three different circuits for an hiking session planned down to the last details according to your preparation, to live the emotion of discovering Garda Trentino backpacking and with your open heart!

  8. The northernmost extra virgin olive oil in the world. The Garda Trentino olive oil is a world-famous POD product, known for its unique qualities, but also because it is the northernmost extra virgin olive oil in the world! Centuries-old olive trees and unspoiled nature make this oil a must for everybody who wants to bring a… unique souvenir back home!

  9. Culinary uniqueness. It’s not only about extra virgin olive oil, Garda Trentino offers also some special culinary peculiarities. From molche (the solid leftovers coming from the olive oil pressing, made of olive skins and pulp), to the carp (fish that only lives in the Garda waters), from the Dro plum to the green broccoli of Torbole, and don’t forget the carne salada, a type of salted beef born here, precisely in Garda Trentino. There are plenty of typical dishes and products you could know and taste while on a wonderful holiday on Lake Garda Trentino!

  10. Dawn and sunset on Lake Garda. You surely knew that. The magic created during the sun birth and rest is a pure emotion mirrored on Lake Garda. Have you ever thought about enjoying the nature sight from the top of Mount Brione, or from the Ponale? Silence, peacefulness, and quietness that only water is able to convey.

Ten things aren’t enough, there are many more. And you? Are you ready to experience them, and find out some more? Garda Trentino is waiting for you, and its small and big treasures together with it.

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