Notre-Dame de Fourvière

A city of a wooden puppet - Lyon

The menu of Lyon’s restaurant will appeal to every fan of French cuisine. Right here, in the city known for its numerous collections of contemporary art, you can enjoy one of a kind asparagus with oyster mousse, crab soup with saffron and ravioli stuffed with snails.

Lyon is the third (after Paris and Marseilles), largest city in France. It’s located on Saône and Rhône, in the Rhone-Alpes region, in the central-eastern part of the country. It’s absolutely charming – full of Renaissance houses with arcaded courtyards and beautiful facades. Apart from the long history it attracts with the atmosphere of cosmopolitan city that’s growing rapidly.

Fourvière hill

Lyon was born on top of a hill called Fourvière. Currently, in the place where the city was founded, is the nineteenth-century Basilica of Our Lady of Fourvière. Residents built it in the gratitude for saving them from the war and epidemics. On the hill you will also find the oldest theater in France, with original machine to lift the curtain and the remains of marble floor.

From the top of the hill stretches a magnificent panorama of the city (in good weather you can see Mont Blanc). The views can be enjoyed from the Esplanade terrace, to which lead several long streets, including Montée Nicolas de Lange, composed of more than 550 steps. To the top you can get by a cable car (Vieux Lyon station). On the occasion we can see St. John Cathedral with a famous timer that strikes the time four times a day.

The summit of Fourvière is crowned with a tower of Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière. On its dome there’s a statue of Michael the Archangel that seems to be looking at the city, while its interior is decorated with stained glass and mosaics. This great temple is visited by over 1.5 million people each year.

The beauty of Lyon

After descending the hill it’s time to visit the oldest part of Lyon. Local winding streets are decorated with wonderful courtyards, scenic corridors, passages and narrow stairs. A real pearl of the historic Lyon is 400-year-old Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral. The impressive temple hides in its interiors a fourteenth-century astronomical clock and the altar with two amazing crosses (the symbol of the Association of Churches).

The heart of the city is a peninsula that is a result of a passionate love affair between two rivers that meet exactly at this place - Presqu'ile. Since 1999 it’s listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. In its center that’s paved with red gravel there’s Place Bellecour with two monuments: Louis XIV and Saint-Exupéry. This is one of the biggest bright squares in Europewith. You can get there via Rue Victor Hugo or Rue de la République, which together form the longest promenade in Europe.

The most beautiful square of the district is undeniably Place des Terreaux. It’s topped with marvelous sculpture-fountain, which was designed by the author of New York's Statue of Liberty, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. Another square decoration is a Renaissance town hall, as well as the Palace of St. Peter, now the seat of the Museum of Fine Arts, called small Louvre.

During a visit to Lyon, you have to necessarily visit the museum of the the inventors of the cinematograph - Lumiere brothers. The place is located in their father’s house. Next to it there’s the Hangar of First Film. Another obligatory point is the Puppet Museum, which houses the famous wooden puppet Guignol, a symbol of the city.

A night in a motorhome in Lyon

About 7 km from the center of Lyon there’s a year-round Camping des Barolles. 2 persons stay and parking space for motorhome costs 20 euros. The access to electricity - 5 euros. The camping area is full of restaurants and pubs. It’s a comely place run by the third generation of Rivet family.

A visit in the oldest town of France, in the city, whose spirit possessed a wooden puppet over 200 years ago, will fall into memory of every visitor. Regardless of whether you come here to explore the exquisite seafood dishes, Gothic monuments or collections of contemporary art.

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