A gate to - Bergamo

Bergamo is an attractive Italian city, often called the gateway to Milan. Part of tourists treats it as a transfer point during the trip, without paying much attention to its virtues. And wrongly, because we cannot denied it - especially beautiful is the old part of the town, picturesquely deployed on the hill. From it you can admire snowy alpine peaks.

The two faces of Bergamo

In winter, the city is flooded with skiers. It's a great starting point for the most famous ski slopes of this part of the continent.

Bergamo, which lies at the foot of the Alps, can be divided into the Lower Town (Citta Bassa) and the historical center (Citta Alta). Both parts are connected with a historic cable car. The first is modern and the other extremely climatic, which is due to the nature of the typical Italian architecture. The streets are narrow and paved, and on both their sides stretch the rows of historic houses. In summer you can sit at the table and feel the Italian atmosphere over a cup of cappuccino, while during winter you can warm up over a glass of wine in one of the many osterias.

The charms of Citta Alta

Citta Alta is filled with old houses and numerous shops with alcohols and local products. The most beautiful Renaissance buildings stand on the square Piazza Vecchia. One of them is the Palazzo della Ragione, one of the oldest public buildings in Italy. In the immediate vicinity stands Palazzo Nuovo, which houses the Biblioteca Angelo Mai - one of the most important historical libraries in the country.

In the center of Piazza Vecchia there’s a fountain, around which you can find a lot of restaurant tables. In the evenings, they are filled with guests and the smell of delicious Italian dishes. The square is brightly lit, which makes it even more charming and picturesque.

In the old part of Bergamo there’s an observation point overlooking the whole area - City Tower dating back to the 11th century. It’s also worth noting five-kilometer long walls surrounding the Citta Alta and religious monuments. Among them there’s Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Cathedral of St. Alexander.

Towering over the city

In the old part of Bergamo there’s a hill called San Vigilio. You can get there on foot or by cable car. From the top you can admire a magnificent panorama of the city. Many people think that this is one of the most beautiful observation points in the whole Lombardy.

At the top there’s a park, really liked by both locals and tourists. People come here because it’s peaceful and quiet, they can read a book on the bench. They organize picnics here, there’s also no lack of people, who rest on the grass or on the blankets.

In the near vicinity of Citta Alta, there’s another unique place. It’s an obligatory place for nature lovers - botanical garden Nell'Orto botanico di Bergamo.

On the other hand, in the lower part of the city, at Sentierone Street, you can do a decent shopping, because it’s here, where all the major boutiques Bergamo are located.

On the way to the lakes

When we leave the city and move further to explore another attractions of Lombardy, it’s worth paying attention to the beauty of the surrounding Lago d'lseo. It’s situated approx. 40 km west of Bergamo. By the way, you can stay there for the night – here’s a nice Camping Punta d'Oro. The place for motorhome costs 10.6 euros per night, while the accommodation, depending on the season, from 5 to 7.7 euros.

Similar distance divides Bergamo from another famous Lake - Como. On the other hand, one of the most famous Italian lakes, Garda, is located approx. 80 km from the city. When planning a trip through Italy, it’s worth seeing both tanks to know that their beauty is exceptional.

Bergamo Bergano Palazzo della Ragione Piazza Vecchia Santa Maria Maggiore