A glass of wine in Maribor

In the best sunlit region of Slovenia is located an important science and trade center – Maribor. The city is famous for the wine production, besides it is also home to the oldest grapevine in the world.

While visiting Slovenia, it is worth to stop in the city of Maribor. It’s situated in the best sunlit area of this little country, thanks to which favorable aura is almost 100% sure while exploring it.

Slovenia’s biggest winter sports center, Pohorje, is located on the outskirts of the city, so if you plan to visit it in winter, you can combine sightseeing with shredding the slopes.

Maribor’s long history

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, and has a really long history – first mentions come from the 12th century. Hundreds of years of the center’s existence have left numerous relics, such as sacred buildings, castles, medieval towers and fortifications. Here you can find many traces of Jewish culture. The most important are focused in the center of the city, by the river Drava.

While exploring Maribor, it’s worth to visit Maribor Castle. It was built for defense purposes, but because it was rebuilt many times it gain the characteristics of a mansion. Currently it houses the Regional Museum with collections regarded as one of the richest in the country.

The most important temple of Maribor is 12th century Maribor Cathedral (Church of Saint John the Baptist). Its characteristic part is 57-meter bell tower, which is one of the city’s symbols. At the beginning it had 76 meters, though it was later lowered to the current size.

Enthusiasts of monuments should focus at 15th century synagogue, as well as the Franciscan Church. Places worth visiting also include Judgment Tower form 14th century, late Gothic Town Hall, and Jesuit monastery with 18th Church of Saint Aloysius. After sightseeing you can direct your steps toward City Park, established at the end of 19th century, where you can rest among soothing greenery.

The cult of the vine

In spite of its long history, Maribor offers tourists not only monuments – the biggest fame it owes to the vine cultivation. The city houses a great attraction – the world’s oldest grapevine. It has approximately 400 years and is holding a Guinness World Record. Its age is evidenced by two paintings dating back to 17th century, depicting a building against which it leans. These paintings are displayed in the Regional Museum.

Each year this aged grapevine yields from 35 to 55 kilos of grapes, from which approximately 100 bottles of wine is produced. Maribor’s traditions also include the annual festival, during which grapes are harvested traditionally.

European capital of culture 2012

Maribor hosts a wide range of important sports and cultural events. Yet not without a reason the city was chosen for the European Capital of culture of 2012. In January it hosts Ladies Alpine Ski World Cup, while in September – the aforementioned grape harvesting from the world’s oldest grapevine. Besides, Maribor often organizes festivals of Baroque and Rock Music, while the castle hosts classical music concerts.

In the city is located Camping Center Kekec, where for a place for a motorhome you will pay 3 EUR per day, while the overnight stay for an adult – 9,50 EUR. If you want to you can rent a bike (3 EUR for 4 hours). The campsite is animal friendly – for the dog you will pay 1,5 EUR per day. Other campsites in Slovenia you can find in our Campsite List.

If you’re planning holidays in September, you may consider a trip to Maribor and participation in the great grape harvesting. The city is beautiful throughout the year, so no matter if you choose to visit it in winter, or in summer, its beauty and climate will make a great impression on us.

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