A nice trip to beautiful Saint-Parthem in France

Saint-Parthem is a charming town situated in the department of Aveyron, in the south of France. Its name comes from the name of St. Parthenios, and surroundings will appeal to everyone, who wants to relax among nature.

If someone wants to go on vacation to a place particularly beautiful, where he or she have an opportunity to wander for hours among mountains and enjoy lazing around by the river, should get acquaint with the south of France. It’s where Saint-Parthem is located, a small town with unique atmosphere. It retains the ambience of peace, which soothes the minds of busy tourists. Here, you wander the streets slowly, savoring the views you see. It’s not a place for enthusiasts of loud parties who get bored in small towns. Oh no, here will feel perfectly those, who don’t like crowds and simply want to relax.

The ambience of Saint-Parthem

Saint-Parthem is perfect for relaxation. It doesn’t lack in buildings slightly overwhelmed with time and solidly covered with lush greenery. But it all only adds a unique charm. Some of the buildings come from the VIII century, while the church - from the XV century. One of the most famous monuments of the town is Chateau de Gironde, with a chapel and a wonderful view of the river.

The town gives the impression as if it was inextricably linked with the surrounding nature. And who knows, maybe it really is. When looking at photos taken from "bird's eye", you may be wondering whether the forest grows into the town, or whether the town placed itself in the forest, jostling between the trees. One thing is certain – here you can relax and feed the eye with soothing greenery. People live here peacefully, on a slow mode.

Attractions of the area

Both Saint- Parthem is green, as well as its surroundings. The town is surrounded by several historical cities that are worth exploring during the stay. Worth visiting is undoubtedly Figeac, with its picturesque old part, and Conques, in which is located a beautiful church Sainte-Foy .

You also can’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful castles in Aveyron. The majestic, XI century Belcastel Château, whichdominates over the village, catching the eye of every tourist with its slender corner towers. After crossing the drawbridge, you can visit the interior of the castle – it’s both the monument and Art Gallery open throughout the year.

Belcastel itself is a town with cobbled streets and stone buildings. The biggest part lies on the steep bank of the river, with a beautiful XV-century bridge thrown over it. The local church comes from the same period. In the summer, the town’s authorities regularly organize art exhibitions and various art competitions.

Where to stay?

Beautiful area and numerous possibilities of vacations, therefore rises the question: where to stay? Guests can check Camping la Plaine, opened in the period from 1 April to 31 October. The area of 2,5 hectares has 65 places, plots are paved and the area of campsite is grassy. Nightly accommodation for 2 people, and a place with access to hot water costs, depending on the season, costs from 13,5 to 18 EUR.

At the campsite no one will be bored. There’s a large swimming pool, tennis court, you can also play ping-pong. The proximity of the river provides great opportunities for spending time, ranging from swimming and relaxing, ending with fishing. It’s worth noting that from 2014 the campsite will be even adapted for fans of single-track vehicles – in the season, its offer will be enriched by a various cycling attractions for groups.

That's not all. The campsite in Saint-Parthem has a restaurant, in the season you can get fresh bread, and those, who come here with their dogs will be able to buy a 500-gram servings of meat. The stay for your dog costs here 1,5 EUR per day.

What more could you add? Lovers of relaxation in a natural setting should already know where to plan their next holidays.

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