Iztuzu beach

A strip od sand amidst waters

It’s called one of the most beautiful beaches of the Eagan Sea. It’s been believed, that Cleopatra wouldn’t have bathed anywhere else, if she had discovered this place before she found other Turkish beauty, bearing the same name.

Iztuzu astonishes with its beauty, and if you want to get to it, it takes a lot of effort. But it pays off. It extends in one of the greenest corners of Turkey, approx. 40 km from Dalaman. It’s 6 km long and constitutes a belt dividing Mediterranean Sea from the estuary of the river Dalyan, which falls out of the lake and then spreads into the sea right next to the beach. Iztuzu is wide and sandy, it also has a very delicate descend to the water. Outside the season it’s rather quiet, thanks to which you can relax and enjoy the amazing beauty of the area.

And the area is really breathtaking. Apart from the nature, other attractions of the area of Dalyan are the ruins of rocky tombs, as well as the possibility to take mud baths, just like the Egyptian Queen.

The beach of turtles

The easiest (though „easy” isn’t an appropriate word here) way to get to Izutzu is by boat. We’ll go along the river which runs through the twisted water canals covered with lush greenery. The river, the coast and the aforementioned lake Koycegiz are located near the Landscape Park. This means that staying in this area is connected not only with the possibility of exploring the most exotic gems of nature, but also with some restrictions. One of them is the ban on building anything next to the beach. Hotels are situated near the town of Dalyan – a tiny village, which comes to live only in the season, and for the rest of the year is just a simple fishing village.

You can enjoy the beauty of Izutzu only in the part marked with stakes, and only till 8 PM. Another restriction is the ban on entering the beach at night. Harsh regulations result from the protection of the last nesting grounds of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) that remained in the area of Mediterranean Sea. Those nice animals can be observed in the whole region, though they don’t show up on the beach during the season.

The tombs and ruins of Daylan

While in the area, it’s worth taking a cruise to the ruins of Kaunos. With this same cruise we can get to Iztuzu beach and to the sources, where we can enjoy mud baths. Off-season cruises aren’t as common because of the difficulties associated with the number of tourists needed to fill the collective boat. Alternatively, you can bargain and buy the entire cruise for about $30, or rent a simple boat with oars for half as much. But then you should embark on a journey early in the morning to make it back to Daylan before dark.

These ruins are the tombs of the aristocracy from Kaunos. In the ancient times there was a port, but sediments brought by the river moved the shore inland for about 5 km. The tombs resemble somewhat a gate to another world. In the lower parts they’re decorated with reliefs, while the higher parts look like Ionic temple.

Accommodation around Iztuzu

Iztuzu is a big attraction, so even though it’s banned to build hotels directly there, tourist infrastructure of the Ortaca region invites hundreds of guests. Caravanning enthusiasts can enjoy a nice campsite Dalyan Camping. For one night stay you’ll have to pay approx. 40 TL - the price includes a position for motorhome, access to a shared kitchen, hot water and electricity. The camp has a wireless Internet, free of charge.

Sweet waters of Dalyan River on one side, and salty Mediterranean Sea on the other. Turtles, rocky tombs, beautiful greenery and warm water. When we add to this a golden sand and beautiful weather, we’ll see ourselves lounging on the amazing beach of Izutzu with the eyes of imagination.

Caretta caretta Iztuzu beach Daylan Kjf Turkey ancient tombs Iztuzu beach



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