Weekend w Riva del Garda

A weekend in Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda, a real gem on Lake Garda, is the ultimate destination to spend a whole weekend characterised by the Mediterranean climate, some breathtaking views and lots of typical delicacies.

There are splendours for each season. The emotions arisen by a visit to Riva del Garda in Garda Trentino may be summarised through these words.

Nestled between the Rocchetta in the west and the Baldo in the east (two mountains), Riva del Garda is the ultimate destination to spend an entire weekend characterised by breathtaking views, romantic glimpses and Mediterranean perfumes and also some beautiful campings (here or in the nearby villages) for your stay.

An active and incredibly relaxing holiday all the while

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, in summer (but even during its golden autumns) Riva del Garda is the ultimate destination to spend some long days sunbathing on one of the several kilometer-long beaches in this tiny Trentino gem of Lake Garda.

No matter the season, a weekend in Riva will make you live two experiences in one: the active holiday, full of sports and fast-paced emotions practicing windsurfing, canyoning, climbing or just hiking and biking, and the relaxing holiday with some short treks along the narrow streets of the historical centre, meaningful to poets and writers who have found their inspiration here.

Whatever your choice, Riva del Garda gives you the chance to fulfill every holiday need.

The mild climate grows a rich Mediterranean scrub, and the landscape benefits from that: palm trees, bay trees, but also citrus groves (best of all, a precious kind of lemon that has a peculiar aroma) and, last but not least, the olive trees from which a famous extra virgin olive oil is produced, the northernmost olive oil in the world! Beyond the 46th parallel.

Here, on the foothills of Mount Rocchetta you will meet a past made of history, art and culture that gives its best expression in the main monuments, like the Rocca, where the Mag Museum and an art gallery have their offices. It was built in 1124 as a stronghold to protect the town on the lakeshore. What you can admire nowadays is the last restoration made by the Scaligers around the 14th century.

Going on towards the city centre you’ll appreciate the wonderful Torre Apponale, built in the 13th century. Impressive from a distance and beautiful if you look closely, it was a trade place in the past, and on its top you’ll see the symbol of the town, called ‘l’anzolìm de la tor’, that is an angel playing a trumpet. Do you know what is it? A weathervane! This is because here the wind is the landlord, and this is witnessed by many activities, such as sailing and windsurfing, you may want to try in one of the numerous local schools!

Riva del Garda

The city tour goes one with a visit to Palazzo Pretorio, hosting past signs from Roman Times to the Middle Ages and the Modern Era. Moreover, you’ll meet several churches such as the not-to-be-missed Chiesa dell’Inviolata, decorated in Baroque style. The external map is squared, while inside it has a rare peculiarity: an octagonal map with five altars, some frescoes and stuccoes, wood–carved confessionals and marble floors.

To end the weekend, you may plan a hiking itinerary on the Ponale path, or the very panoramic Busatte-Tempesta footpath! Or you could also pop round the near Lake Tenno, only a few steps from the medieval hamlet of Canale, listed among Italy’s most beautiful hamlets. Another option is to go with the kids and see the Varone Waterfalls nearby.

A whole weekend in Riva del Garda may not be enough! You’ll be obliged to come back to taste one of the delicacies this area is able to offer: carne salada, lake fish (basted by some amazing Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil), the plums from Dro, the honey, the wine, the nuts! You have already booked your next weekend, haven’t you?

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