Porto Katsiki

All colors of Lefkada

Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands lying on the Ionian Sea. It’s surrounded by turquoise waters flowing into picturesque coves with clean, loose sand. It’s mountainous and covered with citrus trees, cypresses, olives and almond trees.

Every Greek island is beautiful, but there are a few that are amazingly breathtaking. There are some islands, where life flows fast and so intensely that they flicker on the sea, like constellations of blinking stars. Lefkada is this type of an island – it never sleeps, and everyone will feel great there, regardless of whether he came to rest on the beach, or to conquer the waves while windsurfing or sailing.

Every corner offers different kind of attractions. To the west you can find slender cliffs and the finest beaches of the island, including the famous Porto Katsiki piled with small, white pebbles. In the south there’re plenty of romantic coves with crystal-clear water. To the east - hills of gentle descent to the sea, covered with lush vegetation, and silhouettes of Scorpios, Kastri, Sparti and Meganisi looming on the horizon. The north is dancing and bustling, and the capital of the island, Lefkada, is one of the favorite destinations of sailing enthusiasts. It’s worth remembering that on the northern side extends the beach Agios Ioannis, adored by fans of kite surfing.

Large cities...

One of the oldest villages on the island is Karia, situated on the mountain slopes. Thanks to its location it provides beautiful views of a large part of Lefkada. In the center there’s a main square with many restaurants and cafes, where you can sit during the break between sightseeing and sunbathing. The narrow, impassable streets of Karii hide many secrets.

Adherents of watersports will probably stay in the southern part, near Vasiliki. The resort enjoys a reputation of one of the best places for windsurfing - not only in the Ionian Sea, but also in the whole Europe. There’re several schools with qualified staff of instructors, as well as taverns, bars and restaurants, where you can try the best seafood on the island. Ferries to Kefalonia and Ithaca depart from the town.

Kathisma will appeal to lovers of paragliding, while Nidri is besieged by divers not only in the season. Tourists come here from all over the world, filling the beaches and streets to such an extent that the heart of the resort turns into a pedestrian zone closed to traffic. Tourists can enjoy a wide selection of restaurants, bars and discos, not to mention a very extensive hotel infrastructure. The city also has a diving center that organizes trainings and diving trips.

…and small towns

On the road from Nidri to Lefkady there’s Ligia, a small resort where restaurants serve delicious dishes of fresh fish bought from the fishermen stationing at the port. Syvoyta located on the southeastern part of the island, is quite small as well. It’s visited by fans of water sports, as well as people, who value peace and quiet.

Those, who prefer peaceful stroll through small towns over the crowds and bustle, should visit Vafkeri. This tiny town, hidden in the mountains is surrounded by olive groves, and is filled with atmosphere which calms you down and provides amazing, breathtaking views.

Azure dream

You can spend 2-week vacation on the island and there’s no possibility to get bored there, because the place offers a wide range of entertainment. You won’t have any problems in finding accommodation - whether in a hotel, in a guesthouse or camping. For example, in Vasiliki you can rent a 4-bed studio apartment, where for a week you’ll pay approx. 290 euros (eg. In Mario Rooms).

Lefkada boasts of clear and warm water, canyons, waterfalls and sun. It’s an ideal place for holidays, and its beaches are counted among the most beautiful in the world.

Porto Katsiki Lefkada Lefkada Porto Katsiki Lefkada


2014.10.16 23:02
Lefkada - paradise for me. I've been there twice with my family and it was always awesome.

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