Along Croatian Coast

Along Croatian Coast

It’s really easy to fall in love with Croatia. This place is alluring. Little mountainous country with very interesting coast is perfect for a sunny vacation and it’s a great offer for everyone, who love emerald Croatian waters. What about the beaches? Those, who are eager for sun, can choose from over a hundred of them and, what is worth mentioning, the cleanliness of the beaches and the sea is confirmed by the international Blue Flag. If you are an adherent of more audacious kind of sunbathing, you will find Croatia very attractive – it’s an European cradle of naturist campsites. There are 12 of them in Croatia, out of which 7 is located in Istria. There are 17 official naturist beaches, which constitute a part of the campsite beaches. It’s quite a lot for such a small country like Croatia.

The quality of camping in Croatia has been recognized by its enthusiasts. Stating that Croatia has the most attractive of the camping offers out of the whole Mediterranean region, wouldn’t be an exaggeration. There’s a lot more to say – to fully appreciate and discover what’s best in Croatia, just take a ride along the coast. In the meantime you can come across few campsites with sandy beaches. Most of them are pebbly and stony, and to be honest, it’s not a pleasure to go there without any shoes on. Nevertheless, the azure waters, and views providing some of the most scenic camping accommodations, will fully compensate for that.

The important thing is that in Croatia you are only allowed to pitch a tent, or to park a camper within the area intended for that. Most of the campsites have three or four stars (in the scale of 2-5), and are opened from Easter, so every year it’s at the different time. Usually, the season starts in April and lasts till mid-October.


When in Istria, you can accommodate in Umag Park, with over 5 thousands pitches. This place is perfect for family vacations. Kids can have fun in swimming pools with waterfalls, there is also an eco park, fortresses and a pirate ship. If there’s anyone, who is not fully satisfied with such an amount of pitches, he is probably aware of the most capacious camping – the Lanternacamp. It’s located near the town of Poreč, and easily fits in up to 9 thousands people. Not too far away from the camping there’s Postojna, a karst cave system that includes the vertical cave, Baredine. The underground lakes and spectacular stalactites and stalagmites will surely attract every caver’s attention.

On the road to Funtana, near Zelena Laguna Resort, you will find another great family camping – Bijela Uvala. It is situated on a peninsula fringed with uninhabited islands, and its 2 kilometers long coast is full of paved beaches. There’s also a separate part of the beach reserved exclusively for naturists.


Croatian coast is a uniquely beautiful place, but it doesn’t only serve as a feast for our eyes. Located two kilometers west of the town of Kučište, with a nice view of the island of Korcula, and partially covered with olive trees, there’s a camping Antony Boy. It’s one of the best places for those, who want to learn more about the fauna and the flora of the sea – they can dive, surf and do other water sports to their heart’s content.


And the one, who came to Croatia to experience the most intense holidays in heavenly surroundings, will very likely hit the city of Split. Located on a peninsula, with a pleasant climate, Split is a real Croatian gem. It’s a place, where you can just sit, watch the world goes by and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Or, if you want, become a habitué of coffee shops, entertainment venues, restaurants and pizzerias. Here, right at the mouth of Žrnovnica River, you will find camping Stobreč. The adherents of monuments will not be disappointed either. They can visit the ruins of Salon, remains of Diocletian’s Palace and many other attractions.

Camping Pineta, with pebbly beaches and one and a half kilometers long coast, is located on the westernmost cape. In the vicinity you can find the oldest and the largest lighthouse on Adriatic Sea, and right on the campsite you can dance and party to the live music every night. The place doesn’t lack in pizzerias and cafes either. If anyone is willing to participate in some interesting programs or animations, there’s no problem – they can freely use the neighboring resort.

Those are only a few of dozens of camping offers for tourists. Vacationers have virtually unlimited choice, and everyone can find something suitable – whether it’s bustling city full of bars and parties until dawn, or rather quiet beaches and secluded corners where you can forget about reality. No matter what place you choose, they all have something in common – warmth, crystal clear water and mind-blowingly spectacular views.

There are plenty of reviews from people delighted by this tiny country. A good example of such admiration would be a quote from -”I love Croatia! I have only good memories from that place, the weather is excellent, people very easy going and hospitable, the water crystal clear. Actually, in every resort you will find something interesting and worth visiting”. There’s also another opinion, short but clear: “The most beautiful coast in Europe, Greece can’t hold a candle to it”. What can I say? That did convince me.

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