Along the river and along the border

Along the river and along the border

Kupa or Kolpa?

It will be story a little bit different than usually. A story, about the journey along the border of two countries, along the Kupa River, one of the cleanest rivers in Croatia and about a place, where you can rest both physically and spiritually. It’s one of the oldest spa resorts in Europe – it’s called Dolenjske Toplice, and it’s in Slovenia.

So let’s start. The Kupa, also called Kolp, is the main tributary of the Sava River. One of its sections constitutes the border between Croatia and the South-Eastern Slovenia. The river runs through amazing landscapes, and the most beautiful of them belong to Kolpa Landscape Park (Krajinski Park Kolpa). The park extends within the district of Črnomelj, its main attraction is undoubtedly the river itself with its picturesque, extensive valley, sometimes even forming a canyon with high cliffs on both sides.

Park is a monument of nature, and it’s a nature reserve protecting a lot of species of plants and animals. Strolling along the Kupa, you will come up against a number of mills, sawmills, and castles.

Dolenjske Toplice

During the stay in Slovenia, apart from admiring the beauty of nature, which is really breathtaking here, tourists are often looking for a place, where they could truly relax and indulge in various kinds of beauty, relaxing and regenerating treatments. They eagerly pick Dolenjske Toplice (full address: Terme Dolenjske Toplice, Zdraviliški trg 7). One of the oldest spa resorts in Europe, surrounded by vineyards growing along the valley of the river Krka, lures tourists with hot springs. The springs are characterized by a low degree of mineralization and temperature that is equal to body temperature - so their effect to your health is soothing and beneficial. People coming here are those, who suffer from rheumatic diseases, or various gynecological problems, when it comes to the women.

Right here in Dolenjskie Toplice, near a beautiful park, there is Balnea Wellness Centre, offering a wide range of nutrients saunas, strengthening baths and revitalizing massages.

However, it’s not everything what the city has in offer. You can have a great time here both during the summer and winter. Skiing enthusiasts have great slopes to their disposal, where they can quickly get by a skibus, there is also a lot of trails for cross-country skiing. During the summer you can play tennis or explore the beautiful countryside by a bike. Those, who want to relax and need quiet, can go fishing. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants, a concert hall and a casino.

Along the border with a camper

Tourists, who explore Slovenia by a vehicle, have countless possibilities. Not only can they plan a journey at their discretion, which include spots that have never been mentioned in guidebooks, but can also stop at one of the many campsites located among amazing landscapes. A good example of such campsite would be Otočec camp (Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otočec). It’s located in the vicinity of the castle Otočec, on the right bank of the river Krka, and can accommodate up to 160 people. It is open from April to October and from October to March. It is a great place for fishing and sailing adherents, as well as for bikers and people, who like to stroll and admire the beauty of amazing scenery – a number of great trails are waiting for them. An adult will pay 7 € -8,50 € per night in the campsite, youths (3-18 years old) 3,50 € -4,25 €, and for the access to electricity you will have to pay 3 € per day.

It also worth to stop at a campsite Podzemelj ob Kolpi (Podzemelj, 8332 Gradac) Here, the approximate prices shape as follows: an adult – 9 € per night, children under 7 - free, 7-14 years - 6,30 € per day, a car - 5 €, the dog - 3 €, the access to electricity - 4 €. The camping is opened from April to September and offers visitors 50 pitches that are located right by the river. It’s a real paradise for families with kids – there’s a large playground, a volleyball pitch and a table tennis. In the summer, when the Kolpa River is really warm, you can go kayaking, sailing or fishing, and believe me, those are just some of the forms of entertainment offered by the camp owners.

Another camping place is Jankovič - Stari pod (Gorenjci near Adlešiči 15, 8341 Adlešiči). The location right by the river allows tourists to fully enjoy the nature. Apart from fishing or contemplating and relaxing on the boat, people can also arrange a romantic picnic in the beautiful natural landscape park. If you stay longer than 10 days you get a 10% discount, and kids under 7 years old are not charged for the accommodation, for the children aged 7-14 the cost is 5 € per day. Parking costs is 3 € per day, and the access to electricity - 3.50 € per day.

Visiting Slovenia

A trip to Slovenia is an experience not only of an aesthetic nature (amazing memories of beautiful nature which linger on in our heads for many years). If you stop in Dolenjskie Toplice for a series of treatments it will be incomparably good for our health. Wandering along the Croatian border you will have the opportunity to see the landscapes which brings a lot of pride for both countries. You can also decide whether you want to go further inside Slovenia, or divide a trip into two parts, what will double the sensation of the trip. Whatever the decision, you will have the time of your life.